Xiaomi Redmi k50 Price in India, Best Feature

Xiaomi Redmi k50

Xiaomi Redmi k50 cellphone will come with a 5g network which has now also been expanded in Indonesia if previously Xiaomi had introduced the k40 Redmi, now the latest release is even the news that this latest cellphone will also be released in India, although not yet Officially issued a smartphone belonging to Xiaomi Redmi,

many leaked price specifications have also appeared on the internet media news of the presence of this new phone has also been revealed by Redmi officials. K50 will run on Snapdragon 888 Cip while red Mica 50 pro and Redmi k50 proplus or redmi k 50 Ultra will come with Snapdragon 898 Not coming soon Xiaomi has started working on the redMi k50 series phone which will be released in early 2022 for its release

This smartphone will be present in first in December 2021 for the global market will enter in 2022, the redMi k50 series will be launched in the Chinese market first and then it will be launched in Indonesia which will change its name to the F4 principal.

-40 was released in China when it entered India, its name became the subject of F3, this Xiaomi company brought the k40 Redmi and the k40 pro-Redmi proplus in India, this is the mi 11x and mi 11x pro,

unfortunately for the noodle variant next door, this phone will not be released to India for the same reason. unknown, before going into the core of the discussion We want to say that the visuals of the smartphone in this video are only for illustration because we will focus on talking about the specifications,

present as a premium class sophisticated device, of course, the design rather than the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi k50 itself is an interesting thing from the sector side physical or external appearance it can not be separated from the Where did Xiaomi build this premium device with a modern and futuristic concept that is visible through the impression shown from every vision it comes out as well?

as in terms of the body which looks very attractive with smooth bezels on each side of the corner, even the body shape on this Xiaomi Redmi k50 spec is also indeed looking so ideal as a premium device that makes it look elegant Not only that on the back of the body Xiaomi Redmi k50 has implemented a very epic and charming concept because the manufacturer has brought a rear camera module mechanism that is placed vertically on the top left side,

not to mention the front view where the Xiaomi Redmi k50 has carried a full-screen mechanism with a small hole at the top as a medium for the front camera, the screen itself has an area of 6.67 inches with a screen-to-body ratio of 8509 percent so as to make the visual appearance more attractive supported by the panel. Dynamic E5 AMOLED with a 120hz refresh rate capability to ensure that the visual image or video looks smoother and more realistic.

In addition, we will discuss the hardware and software side of the Xiaomi Redmi k50 specification which is also the most important segment of the discussion. Snapdragon 888 chipset He has a very fast multi-instruction capability and has a high response. In addition, the reliability of this Xiaomi cellphone cannot be separated from its ability to control every running program so that it can operate optimally,

even the power control is quite functional considering it can guarantee the battery in a more efficient manner even though your function is relatively high, especially the internal Xiaomi Redmi k50 has also offered a capacity of 68 and the rumor is 12 GB with 128 and 256 GB internals with the ability to run many programs responsively on the move to other sectors,

now is the time for us to discuss the camera problem from the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi k50 as the main feature that is sophisticated and functional where in terms of this photography feature Xiaomi has implemented a reliable camera mechanism with technological support and functional features that will really spoil the users later on the three camera lenses.

Each of these has a resolution of 48 megapixels, then for the two cameras, we still don’t know the resolution. The Xiaomi Redmi 20 camera itself is also capable of processing 8 quality video recordings, so it is certain that it will be able to produce videos that seem more realistic and sharp. gyro-is as an automatic gimbal feature to maintain the stability of the cellphone when photographing objects or recording videos does not stop there. This latest Xiaomi Android cellphone has also been embedded with a large front camera that is ready to spoil the results of selfie photos in an attractive way and of course,

Expand to move on to other parts of the connectivity sector than the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi k50 Pro, which also becomes an important part that cannot be missed because this Android device has received support for FIFG network access, wherewith this technology, every user is guaranteed to be able to get fast internet network access.

don’t forget that Xiaomi also includes several close-range connection features to make it easier for users, such as Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection, infrared port, USB type C and also USB on-the-go, then unfortunately for the 3.5 mm audio jack hole as a headset cable connection. not available on this Android phone,

so users are required to use a Bluetooth headset if they want to listen to music via a headset. Overall, it can be said that the connectivity line on the Xiaomi Redmi k50 specification is already very sophisticated and has quite high functionality.

what we will discuss is the battery sector in the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi k55vj where hi the Xiaomi Redmi k50 battery itself has a power of 4000/5 thousand Mah with fast charging 67 What is claimed to be able to provide access to a power supply within 12 hours more efficiently and efficiently for the price itself,

unfortunately, our team has not found an accurate price for the price info, it will likely be updated in the next video, therefore it’s no wonder if the k50 is a device that is ready to target consumers at the elite level for the release date this cellphone will be released to the channel at the end December 2021 for the Indonesian market will enter at the beginning of 2022, so our discussion regarding the Redmi k55 information,

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