Xiaomi Redmi 10 price and Full Specification, Best Feature

Xiaomi Redmi 10

I hope it stops after bringing Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10s for users in Indonesia Xiaomi has now launched Xiaomi Redmi 10. the presence of Redmi 10 is the answer to consumer demand who wants a device with more performance and cameras but at an affordable price.

Xiaomi Redmi 10 seems to be the latest device that consumers in the country are targeting because of the findings obtained from Instagram Xiaomi posting The account shows that the account shows a new smartphone and we found the entry-level keyword which if you remember Redmi 10 is in the entry-level line so it can be assumed that Xiaomi Redmi 10 is an entry-level series from Xiaomi. 17 September in 2021,

but the questions that arise in the minds of my fans in India are related to the presence of Xiaomi Redmi 10 in the country When will Xiaomi Redmi 10 come to India and what are the prices and specifications of this Smartphone.


Just take a look at the full discussion first, we will start a review of the specifications of the Xiaomi Redmi 10 from the outside or commonly called the design side on the design side we can see that this Redmi 10 has a curved corner shape in every corner.
This smartphone comes with an IPS LCD-type screen measuring 6.5 inches with a screen speed of up to 90 herbs. equipped with protective features in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass 3,


then our review of the specifications of this Xiaomi Redmi 10 will continue to the hardware and software sector installed in this Smartphone. The hardware embedded in the Redmi 10 is the MediaTek helio g88 chipset which was just released by MediaTek this is a chipset that is focused on installing gaming smartphones

in the lower middle range with this chipset making Redmi 10 users able to play games smoothly and quickly and ensuring connections run smoothly without any slowness in performance this chipset is supported by a CPU that has multitasking capabilities which is good with eight brain cores that it uses with the use of the GPU, this smartphone is claimed to experience a performance increase of up to 30% if the Nevi science power is increased by 15%

The Redmi 10 smartphone has two variants of temporary storage space and two variants of permanent storage capacity of the two variants of temporary storage space or RAM installed are 4 GB and 6 GB while the two permanent storage spaces or ROM in Redmi 10 have a capacity of 64 and 128 GB In addition,

this Smartphone is equipped with external memory in the form of a MicroSD J in the display. al this dedicated slot means that the external memory slot installed in Redmi 10 can be installed and operated at the same time as the dual SIM slot for the software embedded in this smartphone.

This smartphone appears to rely on the Android operating system version 11 wrapped in the MIUI 12.5 interface by using the user interface, this smartphone is claimed to have a fast response,

freedom to choose a safer privacy application icon and minimizers the presence of many advertisements reviews about the specifications of Redmi 10, this will switch to the camera sector in this smartphone.
This Redmi 10 smartphone is equipped with a rear camera or main camera and front camera or selfie camera the main camera in this smartphone is four,


namely, the main camera 50-megapixel Ultra-white 8 megapixel macro 2-megapixel Dep 2 megapixel and selfie camera 13 megapixels in the performance of the main camera Redmi 10 is supported by some features such as the HDR LED flash and the panorama, the video recording capability of the Redmi 10 reaches a quality of 1080 pixels at 30fps,
but the video recording capability in the Redmi 10 spec is still not equipped with the use of the gyro-eis feature, the connectivity sector is important for us to review in the specifications. This Redmi 10,


where this Redmi 10 uses a 4G network connection with HSPA speed regarding data transfer capabilities, it appears that there are several features that can be selected by users, namely infrared port Bluetooth and the USB USB port used in this Redmi 10 is 2.0 type-c USB on-board.

the-go As for the Bluetooth used is 5.0 In addition to the sound processing facilities in this Xiaomi Redmi 10 spec, users can take advantage of the loudspeaker and headset features that can be installed in the 3.5 mm jackhole.

We will close this review of Redmi 10 specifications by exploring the battery sector used by the battery but has a very spacious capacity and pampers users, reaching 5000 hahaha 18watt fast charging after being satisfied with reviewing the specifications of the Redmi smartphone both from the hardware design sector, camera software, connectivity and battery,

price & launch date

this time we will provide information about the price of the latest Xiaomi Redmi 10 talking about the price of Smartphones This seems to be priced around a very affordable price. Maybe it can only be raised to the range of 11999, where the price of Redmi 10 is available in two variants that are distinguished by RAM and ROM capacity, namely 4/64 GB RAM and 6/128 GB ram with evidence Xiaomi India will introduce Redmi 10 on September 17, 2021, so

that was a brief discussion about the Redmi cellphone that will be launched, namely Redmi 10 How are you interested in buying this cellphone

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