Xiaomi Mi 12 Price, Launch date, Top specs

Xiaomi Mi 12

Xiaomi recently launched the Civi series phones with very eye-catching designs on the other hand there are rumors suggesting that the upcoming flagship phone of the company i.e. Xiaomi 12 series could feature the same design scheme now a new report has surfaced online revealing details more about the upcoming Xiaomi flagship phone reported from gizmochina on October 13,

2021 the Xiaomi Mi 12 series phone will be lighter and thinner with some improvements in terms of the screen compared to the Mi 11 series The latest report from a well-known tipster on the Weibo digital chat station indicates the design that will be carried by Xiaomi 12 Shine’s main changes to this device are that this phone will offer a higher screen-to-body ratio This design with a higher screen-to-body ratio has indeed been carried by a number of flagship device models since several generations ago, but these designs generally come with parts bezel bottom of the screen is thicker when compared to other bezels citing gsmarena

Xiaomi 12 is expected to carry a thinner bottom bezel in line with the sides and will increase the screen ratio wider when compared to its predecessor this device also comes with the sides of the device body slightly curved though this is not surprising, but based on the machine translation from Chinese tipster indicates the curve is smaller when compared to the previous generation, Xiaomi Mi 12

the Xiaomi Mi 12 device will certainly be the successor to the Nia series from the Xiaomi family as the successor to the Mi 11, this device slides with a big improvement in the specifications sector to be present as a flagship modern and sophisticated, of course, the futuristic impression radiates from the design side and the visual screen of the Xiaomi 12 specification. Conceptually,

the body of this Xiaomi flagship device does have an elegant and very modern impression from each side. The back of this Xiaomi 12 premium smartphone also gets a touch of simple but charming colors that further strengthen its luxury charm as a modern flagship.

Meanwhile, on the other side, on the front, there is a 6.8-inch Super AMOLED full display touch screen with a high screen-to-body ratio of approx. 91.4 percent makes the visual screen appearance more attractive and wide. Not only that, but the layer on this Xiaomi flagship has also received screen flickering technology support or a refresh rate of 120hz, touch sampling, 480hz, Xiaomi Mi 12


and the highest brightness level reach 1500 nits, don’t forget also that the side of the front screen from Xiaomi Mi 12 will be supported by a Corning Gorilla Glass victus screen protector which has superior protection capabilities compared to other Gorilla Glass variants turning to other segments now We will also review the kitchen runway sector of the Xiaomi 12 specification as a source of

the performance of this first interesting device is the use of chips Snapdragon 898 set with 4-nanometer fabrication where the system brain of this flagship device is the latest variant released by Qualcomm in November 2021. The advantages of the Snapdragon 898 chipset and this

Xiaomi 12 specification will certainly provide more reliable performance as it has been integrated with a 5G modem to ensure speed Internet access is faster and this flagship is also claimed to be more energy efficient even though the device is used in conditions of high intensity than in terms of the operating system itself, this device has been supported by 8GB to 12GB RAM with up to 128 or 256GB of internal memory which is considered very adequate. Xiaomi Mi 12


Now for the operating system itself, Xiaomi 12 is rumored to be using Android 11 new generation that has been integrated with the system Yi 12.5 in the sector of camera specifications Xiaomi Mi 12 was also in the spotlight because the embedded camera technology is very sophisticated and capable in the modern era is not without style san because Xiaomi has implemented a very sophisticated and productive lens system and photographic features as

a guarantor of stunning portrait results, including the main camera with a resolution of 50 megapixels then there is an Ultra-white camera and a macro camera, all three are in sync with several other supporting features such as dual-led flash headers and panoramas and even the main camera of this new generation of Xiaomi flagship has a very reliable video recording capability considering the video quality can reach 8, Xiaomi Mi 12


so it is certain that the photography line from Xiaomi Mi 12 will be able to become the main feature that makes consumers attracted to buy maybe in the meantime Xiaomi 12 has also been supported by several other functional connectivity features such as bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection, infrared port, USB type C and also USB on-the-go which is very useful to facilitate access to data transfer between devices, unfortunately, this Xiaomi 12 no longer using 3.5 mm audio hole as a headset hole so that users have to use a bluetooth headset if you want to listen to music,

the battery on the Xiaomi 12 specification also seems important for your consideration before buying it, then in terms of its own power, the battery from Xiaomi’s latest flagship is rumored to have capacity strength. 5000mAh fast-charging is 67 watts can not be released that specification of course pricing information Xiaomi 12 latest is an absolute need to know For consideration now refers to

some information circulated can not be denied that the information Xiaomi 12 itself will be priced in the numbers cheap enough the range of 10 million to its lowest variance for the possibility smartphone release date in China this release in advance if there are no obstacles possibility of release in China in the first month of the upcoming 2022 Well maybe much had our discussion of the latest leaks about the smartphone Xiao mi 12 If you want to ask questions about this smartphone, please all of you can comment below, hopefully, this information can be a useful reference and see you again on the next opportunity. Xiaomi Mi 12

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