Xiaomi mi 11t Review, Price, launch date & Best feature

Xiaomi mi 11t Review

120 watt charging it’s not actually something new from Xiaomi but it’s finally made its way into  the global models here which I wasn’t actually expecting not at least this year so super quick as you can imagine hyper charging means that  this phone the 5 000 milliamp-hour battery can fully charge in just 20 minutes or under

i’ll  give you the exact times in this in-depth review  so this phone here has a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen 120 hertz my review unit that Xiaomi sent out  to mean exchange for this article has 8 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of us 3.1 storage, Xiaomi mi 11t Review

Camera review

the main camera on the back is 108 megapixels with an  f 1.75 aperture 5-megapixel macro camera and an 8-megapixel ultra-wide and in the cutout of the  screen here we do have a 16-megapixel selfie cam  obviously in the box the 120-watt charger super quick always under 20 minutes it’s phenomenally  fast I’ll give you exact times in this in-depth 

review type a to type c cable sim tray tool  we get a tpu case with this phone and of  course it fits it perfectly a raised edge  around with the camera bulge is a quick start guide warranty card and some safety information  let me run through the build quality and the design of this one for you so the back here this is plastic now there’s this brushed metal look to  it which if you get it in the light at a certain  angle it does actually look quite good I like the  style of this

one in hand this phone feels good  now the frame around the outside is plastic okay there may be some people that might think it  is metal there is metal so it’s an inner frame  when you look at the sim tray which are pulled  right out now you can see that inner alloy frame around it with that plastic finish on the outside so one downwards firing speaker here this is  Harman Kardon these speakers are tuned by them  our type c port so this is USB 2 specs Xiaomi mi 11t Review

still, sadly we do not have video out with this one or faster  transfer speeds a microphone right there and then  taking a look at the top you can see that branding  right there from Harman Kardon ir transmitter that is there and there’s actually a little mic right  next to the speaker there too now the cameras on this the bulge does stick out a little bit now it’s approximately about three-millimeter millimeters there in total now the thickness of this phone is 8.8 millimeters Xiaomi mi 11t Review

it does weigh 204  grams officially although with my scales it’s  about 206 minor little difference right there and  on the right-hand side here we have a capacitive  always-on fingerprint reader the location of it  they’ve thought this one out and some brands don’t actually do this but it’s in a perfect location  at least for my hands which are not super large  hands or anything like that they’re only about medium size and I can get my thumb to that  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

really quick and easy however look at this unlock  speed it’s not blazing fast it could be a little  bit faster there rom optimization needed for the fingerprint unlocking speed volume up and down buttons right here and on the left side absolutely nothing so that plastic on the outside there with the alloy inner frame so the front of the screen  here this is covered with gorilla glass vectors Xiaomi mi 11t Review


this is great now we do have of course a 6.67-inch screen that we have seen before this one is a flat AMOLED screen very very nice the bezels aren’t  too bad you can see our cutout here for the front 16-megapixel camera now the panel that they’ve  gone with this one it’s excellent very very good I’m just going to go through some of the options we do get so we’ve got raise to wake double tap to  wake us they’re always on display it even has  dc dimming but only Xiaomi mi 11t Review

at 60 hertz, unfortunately, so the screen itself will support 120 hertz so i’ve got it on 60 now so we don’t see any of  that flickering or pulse width modulation coming  through so when the dc dimming is on you don’t see that at all it’s got a lot of your typical kind of  settings here

under-display you’ll see dark mode  and there is the anti-flicker mode reading mode and there is the override 2 for that refresh rate  so I would run it at 120 hertz normally and the battery life on this is very very good thanks  to the 5 000 milliamp-hour battery and of course you’ve got your scaling right there a color scheme  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

typical options we get with miui 12.5 that this  is running so normally i would be running here  standard to keep things a little bit more normal when it comes to the colors especially that white balance but it’s on vivid for the duration of this video here which is the default setting  you can tweak that white balance to your own  personal preference right there touch response  very very Xiaomi mi 11t Review

good and triggering those gestures thanks to the 480 hertz touch response rate i’m not having any issues with this so it is  a very very good screen there now you may have seen that sometimes at least at 60 hertz you will encounter a little bit of lag there with the ui but at 120 hertz

I’m not seeing that problem at all the maximum brightness according to my measurements when taking a look at the screen here i’m getting close to 900 nits it is a very very good screen and it can peak well over 1 000 nits in terms of maximum brightness and it’s flat Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  i am really loving this flat-screen no curvature to it you cannot go wrong with this screen  even though it’s just the full HD plus resolution  it’s really good and i’d rate it as almost as good  as even me 11 screens here with the 11t pro  but it doesn’t have the qhd that that screen has  on to the wrong performance so we’ve got android 11 with this mini 12.5 as i mentioned and this for  an early review device I’ve had this for almost three weeks now on the most up-to-date firmware  but normally the pre-release firmware Xiaomi mi 11t Review

could have a few bugs and things but not  the case here this rom has been rock-solid probably the best i’ve seen yet from Xiaomi so they’re improving there a little which is great to see now when i swipe from the right here we get our typical toggles that does not come in with any

lag notifications then all show up on  the left now this, of course, is all customizable  you’re able to set up the launcher right here if you don’t like it like this because I’ve got the apps drawer here you can have your apps and your  widgets and everything all in one but i prefer it  with this kind of style here and the performance  has been so good now if i was recording this Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  at 120 frames per second and set it to 120  the ui you would see just how fast it is but  as i mentioned i’ve got dc dimming on to make  the screen just look a little bit better without  flickering for my videos it’s not going to matter  anyway because i do record in 30 frames

per second so triggering those gestures multitasking swapping  over the apps everything has been just flawless  really really good the only complaint from me is that fingerprint unlocking should be a little  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

faster they really do need to optimize that out of the box here this was the firmware  that i’m running on which yeah is really  really stable for such an early firmware  from them so you do get approximately around 233 or so gigabytes with this 256-gigabyte model here i do have eight gigabytes of ram with this  one bloatware there is a bit, okay i’ve always mentioned this in a lot of my videos however with this new release here i have noticed or maybe it’s because it’s their flagship Xiaomi mi 11t Review

they have  toned down a lot on the amount of bloatware if you  get one of their budget phones like the redmi 10  that I reviewed that was cram-packed full of so much bloatware so there’s just a little bit on here like Facebook amazon shopping and a few  other apps so there’s not that much to uninstall and running the cleaner app here which is a system  app i can happily report there are no adverts Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  system apps yes great so finally happening here i  know again on the more cheaper versions from them the mid-range and budget sector segment sorry you probably will see a few ads but not on this  phone which is really good so ufs 3.1 storage  and just take a look at these speeds here that they are very good to look at that read speed right up there and then our randoms are good now these Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  aren’t the best I have seen but they are very good okay they’re not gonna slow down this particular mobile here at all and two scores so getting up around 660 000 points for snapdragon triple eight is not the fastest I have seen but still a very good performance and I’ll get on to

gaming too  later on geekbench score so single core score I’ve seen higher again here and slightly higher with a multi-core score it’s still very very good performance this is a true flagship phone but we  didn’t get the snapdragon 8 plus that i thought this might have gotten Xiaomi mi 11t Review

now battery life this is at 120-hertz display is calibrated to 200 nits it runs until it gets to 20 this fixed benchmark so  you can see all of my reviews out there compare the results very good actually for 120 hertz  and normally you get around 10 hours realistically  you’re looking at an on-screen time of about seven  hours with this phone so it’s very good the  battery life and of course the charge time is phenomenal super quick now if you put it Xiaomi mi 11t Review

on to  60 hertz here which is this next battery test  you gain about an extra half an hour to 45 minutes of on-screen time and that’s really only if you need that okay you can just put it on to basically  battery saving 60 hertz so we have a wi-fi level  one cert yay great good Netflix is in

full HD I can happily report that however amazon prime video they have yet to white list this device id the hardware id okay so it is in standard definition sadly I’m an amazon prime video user so that’s a bit of a disappointment I hope they update that soon will probably take a Xiaomi mi 11t Review

good three months or so for that to happen  camera to api support level three maximum look for those glam ports if you’re interested in that charging times okay this is where all the hype  is coming from it’s super fast it’s crazy fast so from 12 to 100 here took just yep 17 minutes you could go off for your coffee break come back  and your phone is fully charged I’ve done a few other tests here you can see eight percent to 100 18 minutes every time I’ve done it Xiaomi mi 11t Review

it has been 20  minutes or under phenomenal charging rate so yes  you can see why it’s getting the height because  it’s just so quick and I didn’t expect to see  it in a global model like this I was expecting  it to be in the Xiaomi 12 next year 120-watt charging but no okay wireless speeds very very  good we are getting close to gigabit here on my wireless 6 router Xiaomi mi 11t Review

okay look at those speeds their average speed downstairs away from the router with  less signal strength good still very good maybe not the best I’ve seen I have seen over 300 megabits per second that’s normally on the Chinese ROMs but still, it’s a solid score there very good wireless performance GPS now it sees a  lot of satellites and it uses a lot look at this  56 and the main thing to focus on here is the average signal strength here is very very good  Xiaomi mi 11t Review


which is 35.9 that’s quite high on to audio performance so i’ve placed a lot of voice calls on this and no problems no complaints  it’s good it sounds great it has active noise canceling with the microphone with it the other hand said i sounded just fine i mean they could not tell any difference from my fold three that i normally call them with to this phone nothing it’s about Xiaomi mi 11t Review

the same so no 3.5-millimeter support sadly can’t use this, oh i mean you can you get one of these you get a 3.5 millimeter to type c adapter then you can use it now  typical Xiaomi here the quality through the type c  port does sound very good nice loudness to it good  bass good triple good mids and there’s no horrible white noise or hiss or anything going on okay none

  of that very very good so with the Harman Kardon  tuned speakers here one at the top one down the  bottom they sound really good very good speakers  here is a sample now of them at 100 volume over to our gaming performance now so snapdragon  triple eight it’s powerful eight gigabytes Xiaomi mi 11t Review

of ram, this is pubg what settings do they allow us to run with this hardware so when i look here in the graphics options you’ll see that we’ve only got the extreme frame rate max no 90 fps option which would be next to  that even on smooth or balanced right here  still no 90 options

I hope they do add that anyway let’s check out the performance of  pubg so this performance is great it is really smooth and I do think I’ve got a bot yep i do a bot is shooting at me over here because I would be dead already if that was a player  okay some bad aiming from me there Xiaomi mi 11t Review

however, look  at this performance I mean this is just absolutely  smooth and flawless 60 frames per second constantly how do I know well we have game space so you swipe from the top left there that brings it up and I can see that 60 frames per second  and the CPU and the GPU barely being stressed so even with this setting it’s not really demanding enough so I do hope the developers of this game add 90 frames per second support at least I think Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  we do need that option here especially with this chipset it’s just going to handle it with ease  now the phone is getting a little warm right here and on the back but with this game, it’s not going to go over 50 degrees celsius but what I’ll do now is test out Jensen impact which is a demanding game

and I’ll take a look at the thermals and   see just how hot it is going to get now the game looks great it’s running on the highest possible visuals at 60 frames per second now when I do look at the frame rate i see that it’s sometimes down Xiaomi mi 11t Review

in the 40s at the moment it’s that’s about 36 right there it’s a very demanding game now the phone is definitely heating up I can feel it getting quite warm to the touch especially with all these effects going on and the frame rate depending on where you are is going to vary quite a bit here

but it’s not too bad this is certainly not the best performance I’ve seen so the snapdragon triple-a is a very hot chip so I’m going to check back on the thermals after gaming for one hour and it’s going to be just this  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

the game here so really demanding it is a phone cooker so let’s have a look so we’re looking at the front of the phone here about 45 degrees maximum this is after one hour of gaming now I have noticed that  the performance has definitely dropped right off that it is throttling down so they’re lowering  the clocks Xiaomi to help keep these temperatures from Xiaomi mi 11t Review

just exceeding 50 degrees c which i’ve seen with some of the other phones and here on the back of it we are looking at approximately about 44 degrees celsius max my room temperatures are approximately 25 degrees and now over to our camera so the front-facing

camera 16 megapixels  can shoot 1080p footage 60 frames per second maximum this is 30 frames per second at the moment  it has electronic image stabilization and the  quality overall is good we do have 320 kilobits  per second audio quality let’s take a look now at Xiaomi mi 11t Review

the rear cameras so the 108-megapixel sensor we have with an f 1.75 aperture can shoot 8k maximum at 30 frames per second but it is really  6k upscale to 8k right now you’re looking at 4k 30  frames per second

electronic image stabilization  there is no optical image stabilization I find  the video quality is acceptable it is good however I have noticed especially with the exposure changes that you do get some panning gutter  you’ll see now as I move around that Xiaomi mi 11t Review

it doesn’t look like 30 frames per second in fact it is 30 frames per second but there is some jello that is taking place especially with the bright whites coming off the boat here i have noticed that now you can use digital zoom so up to  two times now that’s two times and it looks okay 

but anything over two times it starts to get just way too pixelated and turns into a bit of an oil  painting not really good so that is now five times and we’re looking at six times here digital not good okay that’s a mess so if you pull right back here that’s now one times so Xiaomi mi 11t Review

this 1080p footage on the ultra-wide does not look as good as the main camera that’s to be expected we are talking about a much smaller sensor here eight megapixels and the edges of it look a little bit blurry there now the stabilization  with the ultrawide footage here is good now if you want to see more footage do check out the in-depth camera review that I have posted on the 11t pro  here and this is 8k now with 8k footage you really Xiaomi mi 11t Review

  do need a tripod this does not have any electronic image stabilization it cannot do it all because it’s upscaling 6k to 8k which is the 8k ai they  call it as I walk ahead you can see that it does  shake around a bit so you probably want to use a gimbal if you’re going to be shooting in 8k okay guys so to recap here super solid  phone there is so much to like about this great screen very good build quality gorilla glass Invictus on the front fingerprint reader Xiaomi mi 11t Review

could be faster main camera takes a very good shot  it doesn’t have optical image stabilization but the low light performance is not actually too bad video quality could be a little bit better with 4k  there is a bit of panning jitter the ultra-wide the let down in the camera department it does not let us

shoot in 4k with video it’s only 1080p max there no micro sd card reader no 3.5-millimeter headphone jack will be disappointing for some but sadly that is just an extinct piece of tech now in the flagships from them if you get the low  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

end and some of the mid-range phones yes you will  still at least have that so the battery life is very good actually for 120 hertz you should see around  about seven hours on screen time it’s a great bright screen very very good I do like it so really there’s hardly anything I can criticize about it I would have done something different  about the ultra-wide setup here though it would  have gone with a 13 or a 16-megapixel camera  with autofocus and that way we don’t actually need the macro camera we could have had  just Xiaomi mi 11t Review

the two good sensors on the back front-facing 16 megapixels and call it a day there  so yes as mentioned you cannot go wrong with this one and it’s getting all the headlines of course that 120-watt hyper charging finally made its way into the global versions to remember it is in me 10 ultra and the mix 4 from Xiaomi that i have reviewed in this channel if you’re  Xiaomi mi 11t Review

interested in seeing that so it’s not actually  a new tech but new for the global releases so  if you’re interested in tablets android ones make sure you check out my review of me pad 5 it did get its global release announcement at the same  time as this so do hope to see you in that video  and thank you so much for watching my in-depth review of the Xiaomi mi 11t Review

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