Xiaomi civi 5G price in India, Full Specification

Xiaomi civi

Xiaomi has officially confirmed the launch of the latest mobile series called Xiaomi Civi in China on 27 Sep 2021 after a while the announcement the company shared videos and posters revealing the design of the phone at the same time a secret has even shared the image according to the official share Xiaomi Civi to come is likely to compete with phones Vivo s and series oppo Reno in

China as the device competitors Civi will also focus on the design and the camera is can be said that this smartphone has an arrangement of three triangular cameras this camera placement design was popularized by Vivo with the launch of the Vivo X50 series now even other companies like Meizu with Meizu 18x and Xiaomi started using this design, on the other hand, this phone has a curved screen and the back of the Age glass seems identical to

the Oppo Reno Glow design on the Oppo reno5 5G but different from the Oppo Xiaomi uses a metal frame instead of plastic In addition to the unique color combination with a gold frame and blue gradient on the back unfortunately Xiaomi has not shared details of

the Xiaomi Civi smartphone there is speculation that the company will replacing its cc series with the Civi line this new series is said to be er female consumers in China like the CC9 series which debuted in 2019 Civi phones Expected to come with impressive design and photography capabilities previously Xiaomi phones with model number 210 7119 DC seen there certification Tena a few weeks ago the pictures and specifications

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the first smartphone branded Xiaomi Civi even though the design is the Xiaomi Lite NE 5G well on this occasion you mi will be discussed in full on the specifications and price of Xiaomi civi present as Mid Range modern and sophisticated course futuristic impression that emanated from the design and visual display of the specification Xiaomi Civi this concept of the body of the device midrange artificial Xiaomi does have the

impression of elegance and very modern from every side, of course, the attractiveness of the design on the Xiaomi Civi spec can not be separated from the material for the frame which is made of premium material which is very sturdy but light even in some variants Xiaomi has embedded a layer of shiny material on the back body which makes it even more beautiful. impressed elegant and luxurious addition the backside of a premium smartphone Civi Xiaomi has also got a touch of color simple yet captivating reinforces the luxury charm


as Mid Range modern Meanwhile on the other side of the front looks full touch screen display measuring 6.5 inches so make p The visual screen display seems more attractive and wide. Not only that, the player in the Mid Range that Xiaomi has also received screen flickering technology support or a refresh rate of 120Hz, stock sampling, 480Hz, and a high brightness level,

while the resolution is also fairly high with the capability of 1080 x 2400 pixels. will be able to guarantee the visual motion display of full HD images so Epic and clear, don’t forget also that the front screen side of the Xiaomi Civi will be supported by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass screen protector switching to another segment now We will also review the kitchen runway sector from

Xiaomi specifications Civi as the source of the performance of this device, the first thing that is interesting is the use of the Snapdragon 778 G chipset where the system brain of this mid-range device is the latest variant of the advantages of the Snapdragon 778 G chipset on the Xiaomi Civi spec. This will certainly provide more reliable performance as it has been integrated with a 5G modem.


To guarantee speed tan internet access faster than in terms of operating systems themselves this device has been supported RAM 8 GB to 12 GB with an internal memory of up to 128 and 256 GB that spelled is very adequate So for the operating system itself Xiaomi Civi rumored to be using Android OS 11 new generation which has been integrated with the MIUI system in the camera sector from the Xiaomi Civi

the specification is also in the spotlight because it is embedded in very sophisticated and capable camera technology in this modern era, not without reason because Xiaomi has implemented a very sophisticated and productive lens system and photography features as guarantor of stunning portrait

results where the Xiaomi Civi spec itself will carry a triple rear camera as the main camera, each pole has different lens capabilities, including the main camera with a white lens with a resolution of 64 megapixels, then an Ultra-wide camera with 8-megapixel resolution and a 5-megapixel macro camera.

all three are in sync with several other supporting features such as dual-led flash, HDR, and panorama, even the main camera from the mid-range of this new generation of Xiaomi has a very reliable video recording capability considering the video quality can reach a fork, especially when there is also a gyro-eis feature as a stabilizer feature. or a gimbal that will automatically maintain the balance of the focal point when recording video or shooting photo objects on other side,

the front camera of this sophisticated smartphone has a resolution as strong as 32 megapixels which is ready to guarantee selfie photos and selfie videos with high clarity and sharpness. The photography line from Xiaomi Civi will be able to become the main feature that attracts consumers to buy it moving in other segments, of course, we will also not let go. The connectivity side that is carried by the Xiaomi Civi specifications is all considering that in the connectivity mechanism, of course, almost every user activity is always different.

in relation to this sector, such as when users are surfing in cyberspace which in this aspect the Xiaomi Civi spec has been supported by 5g technology which is very reliable in providing internet access speeds wherever they are, meanwhile Xiaomi Civi has also been supported by several other functional connectivity features call it Bluetooth 5.1, NFC connection,

infrared port, USB type C, and also USB on-the-go which is very useful to facilitate access to data transfer between devices, unfortunately, we don’t know whether this Smartphone uses an audio jack or not but refers to the Xiaomi Lite NE smartphone it doesn’t use a 3.5 audio jack, the battery on the Xiaomi Civi specification is also important for your consideration before buying it then in terms of its own power, the battery from Xiaomi’s newest Mid Range has a capacity of 4500mah fast charging 55watt can’t be released that in addition to specifications of course info The price formation of the latest Xiaomi Civi is an absolute thing to know.


As a first consideration for the 8 GB and 128 GB variants, they are priced at 2699 Yuan or equivalent to 30000, then the 8 GB and 256 GB versions are priced at 2999 Yuan or around 34000 and the highest of 12 GB and 256 GB internal rewarded 3299 yuan, or about 37000 rupiahs for more details certainty we wait together while Xiaomi smartphone series Civi introduce the latest on 27 September Well maybe much had our discussion of the smartphone new from Xiaomi, namely Xiaomi civi for those of you who want to ask questions about this smartphone. Please just write it in this comment column. How are you interested in asking for this smartphone?

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