Xiaomi 12 Ultra 5G Price in India, SD 898 Full Specifications

Highlights Xiaomi 12 Ultra

  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra Processor Snapdragon 898
  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra ranges from 67999 to 78599
  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra 120w charger


since 2019 Huawei has launched flagship phones with Leica engineered cameras The collaboration between Huawei and Leica ends this year with the launch of the Huawei p50 series in May a well-known tipster claims Leica is looking for a new manufacturer for its brand he also claims the brand can also partner with under Xiaomi or terms as quoted from Gizmodo China new leak by digital caption suggests Leica and Xiaomi may have reached a deal for the upcoming Xiaomi 12 lineup Chinese tipster recently shared an image of

the Xiaomi 12 Ultra showing the Leica brand on its secondary screen this shows the Xiaomi 12 Ultra can camera optimized Leica currently only a few details available on Xiaomi 12 Ultra which is expected to debut in early 2022 same tipster previously claimed the phone will sport three 50 megapixel cameras one of which is a risk Zoom lens p with support Five-time optical zoom Xiaomi 12 Ultra is also expected to feature an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner in terms of design may not be too different from the Xiaomi 12 Ultra Qualcomm is expected to announce it’s flagship chip Snapdragon 898 at the end of this month reports suggest

Xiaomi’s next flagship Xiaomi 12 ultra The Snapdragon 898-powered Ultra could be officially launched in December but it seems that Qualcomm will now change its Snapdragon chipset naming system this was reported by one like on Twitter, namely is Universe through his latest tweet Ice Universe said that Qualcomm is said to be planning to change the naming of its chipset where Snapdragon 898, which is planned to be released at the end of this year, will come with another name, namely Snapdragon 898 where rumors of the release of this latest Xiaomi smartphone are increasingly sticking out and there is a lot of discussion this week regarding this role.

The in question is the Xiaomi 12 Ultra which is none other than the highest version of the Mi-12 series line, the presence of Flexid is certainly a step by Xiaomi Global to break into the smartphone market at the end of this year regarding information about the device. and also the main features that will be the mainstay of this flagship device before getting to the core of the discussion I want to disclaim that the video I discuss is very accurate,


the information in this video can be accounted for by the information where the design is very anti-mainstream with an AMOLED screen of 6.8 One inch that can guarantee visual quality and so high for the screen speed, apparently, this Smartphone still uses a screen speed of 120 Hz and supports screen quality up to the gecko then the performance itself is supported

by the Snapdragon 870 octa-core chipset and jumbo ram 8 GB and 12 GB to ensure access to performance directly faster with more capable program instructions, on the other hand, this flagship made by Xiaomi has also brought a graphics card, especially the latest Adreno, which is designed for games with high frame rates and low latency, so that 144fps games can be played without being slow, then for the platform itself, Xiaomi 12 Ultra has also relied on the Android 11 OS with a variety of active menus that are very professional and functional.

Then we will also discuss the camera sector of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra specifications because this sector is indeed a very important part that is closely related to the photography system, for that reason, of course, the line This photography of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra spec is a part that, of course, will be considered a lot by my fans regarding this matter,


it seems that this condition has indeed been understood by Xiaomi because this modern flagship with technology has embedded a triple main camera which is interesting that the use of the three main camera lenses is made in a unique and anti-mainstream module considering that it has been equipped with a selfie screen as a mirror like a selfie photo, moreover the resolution is also very high for the main lens carrying a 50-megapixel sensor, the secondary camera carrying a 50-megapixel resolution as a telephoto periscope lens and a third camera carrying a very large sensor,

all three have been supported by the dual LED Flash feature which is claimed to be able to make it easier for users to shoot photo objects under any conditions in order to get portraits that are more focused, sharp and super clear, especially the front camera of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has also been supported by a 32-megapixel sensor which able

to take selfies of to the maximum with quality that will not disappoint even the main camera and front camera are both equipped with a GeoEye gimbal feature that will be able to maintain the stability of the photo and video focus lock so that it will provide video and photo results that are so clean while specifically for the main camera of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra itself it is also capable of recording high -quality video up to eight,

it seems that the connectivity sector of the Xiaomi 12 Otra specification is also an inseparable part of this discussion. not without reason because the connectivity line of this flagship device has indeed become a segment that is really prioritized, one of which is clear and definitely an advantage on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra spec in terms of connectivity, this is the internet network file where Xiaomi has implemented network technology to ensure speed To make the internet faster and more aggressive,


don’t forget that several short-range connection features have also been embedded in this flagship, such as Bluetooth 5.2 dual speakers, Harman Kardon USB type-c and USB on-the-go, and there’s even an NFC connection. and info a very functional rared port, but what is unfortunate that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra does not provide a 3.5 mm audio hole and the FM radio feature moves to other sectors, don’t forget that we ourselves will also include the latest information about the specifications of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra related to this. It is undeniable that the battery line on the Android has been supported by a battery that is so reliable and sophisticated,

one of which is the use of the lipo battery type on the Xiaomi 12 Ultra spec as the type of battery used because the Lippo or lithium-polymer type here has a more important role. superior compared to Lion Meanwhile on the other hand in terms of its own power capacity the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has been supported by a battery with a capacity of 5000 MAH so that it will make the battery able to last for a full day.

120w charger Driver wireless charging What quick charge 5 quick charge 4plus and also power delivery 3.0 In addition, now is the time to review information about the General or the price of the latest Xiaomi 12 Ultra, but first we need to reiterate that this latest Xiaomi device is a modern flagship type for the upper-middle-class In China,


the price of the 12 Ultra noodles will range from 67999 to 78599, referring to yesterday’s release, it looks like this Smartphone will also be marketed in Indonesia, but looking at the Chinese price, hopefully, this cellphone can land cheaper in India.

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