Xiaomi 12 Mini Price in India Official launch date

Highlight of Xiaomi 12 Mini

Xiaomi 12 Min processor 870

Xiaomi 12 Min launch date 21 December 2021

Xiaomi 12 Min price 41999 to 49999


Xiaomi is rumored to be launching the Xiaomi 12 Mini series in December in China the company is expected to unveil three phones in the Xiaomi 12 series namely Xiaomi 12 Xiaomi 12 pro and Xiaomi 12 Ultra however it seems the brand is also preparing to launch a Mini version of this phone a tipster on Twitter has shared some details about the upcoming smartphone which may be known as the Xiaomi 12 Mini the device is expected to have a 6.28-inch flat screen for those who like a good gripping phone Let ‘s see the full specifications of the Xiaomi 12 Mini in detail design and price of the latest, a well-known gadget leaker, digital caption,

shared a little information regarding the Xiaomi 12 mini screen in an upload on the Chinese social network Weibo recently, according to him, the phone screen will be more spacious because the body-to-screen ratio will be higher. compared to the previous generation Yes.

Besides that, digital caption also claims that both sides of the screen of this device which is said to have a bezel that is said to be quite thin will be slightly flat then the bottom and top bezel of the phone itself is also claimed to be thinner than the Xiaomi 11 but not as thin as the bezel on the left and right The screen leaking this gadget also said that the selfie camera hole aka Pansol on the cellphone would be moved to the top center of the screen.

Conceptually, the body of this Xiaomi flagship device does have an elegant and very modern impression from each side. In addition, the backside of the Xiaomi premium smartphone The 12 Mini also gets a touch of simple but charming colors that further strengthen its luxury charm as a modern flagship. If we take a closer look, this design is more similar to the Vivo smartphone which was released in China a few months ago [Music] before going into the core of my discussion.

want a disclaimer If the video I’m discussing is taken from information sources gsmarena, gizmochina digital capstion and the Weibo site,


so all the specifications we get we take from official sources. Meanwhile, on the other side on the front, we see a 6.28 full AMOLED touch screen display. inches with a high screen-to-body ratio of ninety-one comma. Hey, one percent makes the appearance of the visual screen seem more attractive and wide. Not only that, the layer on this Xiaomi flagship has also received screen flickering technology support or a refresh rate of 120hz,

stop sampling, 480x and the highest brightness reaches 1500 night, do n’t forget that the front screen side of the Xiaomi 12 Mini will be supported by a Corning Gorilla Glass victus screen protector which has superior protection capabilities compared to other Gorilla Glass variants. and dust so that this Smartphone will be worth your attention if later this smartphone comes to Indonesia switching to another segment now We will also review the kitchen runway sector


of the Xiaomi 12 Mini specification as a source of the performance of this device, the first interesting thing is the use of the Snapdragon 875 chipset and the system brain from This flagship device is the best-selling variant released by Qualcomm last year. The advantages of the Snapdragon 870 chipset on the Xiaomi 12 Mini spec will certainly provide more reliable performance as it has been integrated with a five G modem to ensure faster internet access speeds.

it is also claimed to be more energy efficient even though the device is used in conditions of high intensity than in terms of the operating system itself this device has been supported by 8 GB to 12 GB RAM with internal memory up to 128 or 256 GB which is quite adequate. its own constellation Xiaomi 12 is rumored to be using the new generation of Android 11 which has been integrated with the ui 12.5 system in the camera sector from the Xiaomi 12 specification which is also in the spotlight because it is embedded with very sophisticated and capable camera technology in this modern era, not without reason.


Xiaomi has implemented a very sophisticated and productive lens system and photographic features as a guarantor of stunning portrait results, including the main camera with a resolution of 100 megapixels equipped with a 20-megapixel Ultra-white OS and five times optical zoom and two times portrait lenses. we don’t know yet, the resolutions of the three are already in sync with several other supporting features such as two LED flashes dear and even the main camera of this new generation of Xiaomi flagship has a very reliable video recording capability considering the

video quality can reach 8 on the other hand reportedly the selfie camera embedded in this Smartphone still relies on the vanhool camera in the middle for the resolution, our team does not know more clearly, therefore it is certain that this line of photography from Xiaomi 12 will be able to become the main feature that makes you smitten to buy it while this Xiaomi 12 also has supported by several other functional connectivity features.


let’s call it Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection, infrared port, USB type-c, selling Harman Kardon speakers, and also USB on-the-go which is very useful to facilitate access to data transfer between devices, unfortunately, the Xiaomi 12 Mini is not again using a 3.5 mm audio hole as a headset hole so you have to use a Bluetooth headset if you want to listen to battery music on

the Xiaomi 12 Mini specification it also seems important for your consideration before buying it then in terms of its own battery power from Xiaomi’s latest flagship, rumors a will have a capacity of 4700mah, fast charging 67 What and 50watt wireless charging can’t be separated that apart from the specifications, of course, the latest Xiaomi 12 Mini information is an absolute thing that needs to be known.


The Xiaomi 12 mini itself will be priced at a fairly cheap figure, which is around 3599 Chinese Yuan or around 41999 for the low variant and the highest variant of around 49999, of course, with the cheap price of this latest Xiaomi smartphone, it will trigger many users to buy this phone for the first time. the possible release of this Smartphone will be released in China first if there are no obstacles the possibility of a release in China on December 21, 2021,

for the global market will begin in the first quarter of 2022 So maybe that’s all our discussion about the latest leaks smartphone Xiaomi 12 Mini If you want to ask questions about this smartphone, please all of you can comment below, hopefully, this information can be a useful reference and see you again on the next opportunity

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