Vivo Y15s Price in India, Full specification

Vivo Y15s

the Vivo series of cellphones will stop. Until now, there are very many and competitive so it’s no wonder that the Vivo market is increasingly in demand by consumers. In addition, every Android cellphone from the Vivo series here has various advantages, which of course are appropriate. With market needs, it’s no wonder that the Android phone manufacturer from the Bamboo Curtain country always regularly launches various newest devices, one of the latest news about the Vivo series device is the presence of a new cellphone called Vivo y15s,

now for those of you who want to know about the specifications and prices of the Vivo Y15s, let’s go Let’s just look at the detailed review, here’s the initial round of Sai discussion of the Vivo y15s specifications, of course, I myself will start from the physical design side and the visual screen where from the body design sector you can see How Vivo has implemented the concept of a modern cellphone body with smooth and elegant angles on each Si In addition,

the body shape of the Vivo y15 es spec is also very ideal. With dimensions of 164 times 7520 8.3 mm and weighing up to 179 grams with these dimensional aspects, this Vivo Android phone will be more flexible to be carried by users and quite fit when put in a trouser pocket,

it doesn’t stop there. Even the Vivo y15s also applies the style of its back surface with a simple but luxurious color display, namely white Gray mystical bluer. Then on the front side, the Vivo y15 es has carried a 6.5-inch full touch screen that has received support for an IPS LCD type screen panel,

even the screen capabilities of this Vivo Android cellphone are quite sharp and capable thanks to the support for the HD + resolution that is presented, so it’s no wonder that apart from having attractiveness from the side of the body, of course, Vivo y15 es has an attractive visual aspect.

very attractive and elegant next I will also discuss How the hardware and software performance system on the Vivo y15s specification here the performance of this Android cellphone is indeed quite capable in the low-end class. Of course, all of that cannot be separated from the system support of each component, what about the use of the chipset from MediaTek is the helio p35 type on the Vivo y15s spec.

From the type alone, we have seen how the performance of this phone is built based on market needs. In addition, 3 GB of RAM is also embedded with a choice of 32GB of internal memory on this Vivo y15s to ensure the speed of multitasking performance as well as to ensure that the file storage space is quite sufficient, meanwhile, in other aspects of the Vivo y15s, it has also been running via the Android 11 Go edition OS platform which synergizes with Fun Toco-e 11.1. Next,

we will discuss the photographic side of the specifications. Vivo y15s which is nothing but a superior feature of this smartphone in where each of these cameras is capable of a 13-megapixel main camera sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor, both of which have a very superior systematic integration to guarantee quality photo shoots. Besides that, don’t forget to bring the main camera from the Vivo y15 es,

it has been supported with a features resolution capability of up to 1080 pixels at 30fps as a guarantor for visual acuity. In addition, there is also a front camera of 8 megapixels and is here to guarantee the user’s need for quality selfie photos, so there is no need to doubt the reliability of the photography or camera on the Vivo y15s,

here next we will review together about how the connectivity system carried by the Vivo y15 S specifications Hi but unfortunately there is no NFC connection and minus the micro-usb connection even though Vivo y15 still maintains the 3.5 mm audio hole as the headset plug hole the battery cable is an important part too in the discussion about the Vivo y15 es specifications which cannot be underestimated because the presence of the battery is very necessary to be a source as well as a power supply for each component in the cellphone, for that reason ,

the Vivo y15 es specs will also carry a very reliable battery completeness Meanwhile, for the matter of its own capacity, Vivo y15 es has carried a very large 5000 M AHA battery capacity, while in order to guarantee the need for faster charging Vivo equips this Android phone with a 10watt fast charger feature. Next in this segment, I will discuss what is the official price or price of the latest Vivo y15s on the official website, the price of the HP Vivo y15S is priced at only 18500 rupiahs,

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