VIVO X70 Pro Plus, VIVO X70 Pro Best Review

VIVO X70 Pro Plus, VIVO X70 Pro

The idea is that vivo X70 Pro Plus is an IP68 certified phone. So yes, thats what I wanted to show. Nice! So this is the phone below & theres something else in here as well! Let’s take out the phone 1st. Ok, alright well talk about this later. Ill have to remove this as theres water in it. VIVO X70 Pro Plus

Let’s keep it aside. So this is the box. Alright, here’s the box. Let me keep this pyramid aside, the theatre is over! Now we’ll see the actual important things. Lets also keep this aside! The phones are already out of the box. Lets now open the box & see the contents inside. VIVO X70 Pro Plus

And if you buy the phone, this is the box you’ll get. The phone is outside, so there’s only a cover here. The box is lovely by the way! Its a really good box! I felt good after seeing these earphones included. You get vivo wired earphones. And its quality is good! Theyre nice-looking. Look at these! VIVO X70 Pro Plus

There’s a 66W fast charger so yes that’s available here in the box. And what else is there? Oh, nice! There’s a case as well & its good! I’d say its a bumper case. Look at this. Its plastic & its finish is just as the phones finish. So that’s nice, well put it on & show you. And there’s documentation, a sim card tool & what else is there? Theres something for sure. VIVO X70 Pro Plus

It feels good when there are more things to unbox in the box. And there a USB Type C. Yes, its time to keep everything aside now. Let’s keep this. Design – Look at this phone! This cutout is of ceramic & the back is of satin-finished glass.

Its a beautiful-looking phone & people will definitely notice when you carry it. And theyll ask you about the phone! In-Hand Feel – It has a very good in-hand feel! It has curved edges. Its not slippery. But yes it’s heavy on the forward side because of the camera. So its slightly on the heavier side on the front. VIVO X70 Pro Plus

Let’s check its weight. Well, put the case on first. Oooohhhfff! Look at this, it looks good with the case on! It has the same satin finish, but the feel without the case is absolutely lovely! Build Quality – Should we drop it? Its an expensive phone but lets drop it anyways. Do we dare, let’s do it! Let’s do it!! [Drop Test] No, nothing! Nope, nothing! And the case held quite well too! It fits really well! VIVO X70 Pro Plus

And I like the case & it fits snugly. To talk about the weight, About 200-205g! Alright. It might even be more, I’m not sure lets see! Ok, its 214g! But I dont know, it doesn’t feel that much. But yes, its hefty with a good in-hand feel. Friends, this is the vivo X70 Pro Plus, there’s also a Vivo X70 Pro version! VIVO X70 Pro Plus

Unboxing – Alright, this is the younger sibling. Ok, this is lighter! Its much slimmer & lighter than the Pro Plus! And all other box contents are exactly the same. But the case here is a clear TPU case. The charger is a 44W brick, so its 66W for the Pro Plus & 44W on the Pro. You get earphones,

some documentation & a charging cable. Lets keep that aside. Oh! Thats a different colour! Design – Ohh! I have to give it to vivo! The look & feel of the phones are seriously very nice! It has the same curved glass & both phones have glass-metal sandwiched design. The frame on both phones is metal. So thats very nice! And they have beautiful colours, I have to say! Lets put on the case! VIVO X70 Pro Plus

Should we drop this too? Of Course well drop this one! And the case does bump up. [Another Drop Test!?] No, nothing. [And Another Drop Test!?] Oh that sound! But nothings happened, so no worries at all. Lets check its weight! This should be about 190g? Yes, its on the lighter side, so I guess 190g. Lets check. Yea! Its around 186-187g! So this one is light. It feels very nice! VIVO X70 Pro Plus

The Pro Plus is slightly heavy & big but the Pro is a perfect fit! And that multicolor design is very beautiful! Ports & Buttons – On the vivo X70 Pro Plus below, there’s a speaker grille, a Type C port, a microphone & a sim card tray. On the left, theres nothing. Above, there’s a noise-canceling microphone & an IR Blaster! Thats very nice. On the left, there’s a volume rocker on the top & a power on/off button below it. On the vivo X70 Pro, its exactly the same even with the button placements!

The sim card tray on both phones(Pro & Pro Plus) are dual nano sim card slots. Time to start the phone, Display – Look at that curved screen! It looks gorgeous! Seriously friends, its a very beautiful screen. And friends the screen on the Pro Plus is LTPO screen with 120Hz fast refresh rate. The LTPO screens are adaptive, from 1Hz to 120Hz & itll adapt according to your usage.

That’s why its an adaptive fast refresh rate screen. To talk about the vivo X70 Pro, it has a 6.56 FHD+ screen with the latest E5 material AMOLED display & has 120Hz fast refresh rate. But this is an LTPS screen! And friends,

I forgot to tell you, the screen-to-body ratio is the highest with 92.2% So that was about the display, now lets talk about their performances! Performance – The vivo X70 Pro Plus is the 1st phone with us that has a Qualcomm SD888+ SoC & not the SD888. Its the latest flagship processor & its AnTuTu scores are worth the wait! So wait for it! And friends, if you compare it with SD888,

its clock speed is more! This one goes up to 3GHz so you get more performance! And friends, the vivo X70 Pro has a customized Dimensity 1200 SoC. Obviously, both are 5G processors but the performance on SD888+ is spectacular! Everything you throw at it is absolutely great! Variants – The vivo X70 Pro Plus has only 1 variant – 12GB+256GB. The vivo X70 Pro has a base variant of 8GB+128GB & an upper variant of 12GB+256GB.

The Pro Plus variants RAM type is LPDDR5 & the storage type is UFS 3.1. Amongst the smartphones that have come to our studio, the vivo X70 Pro Plus has the highest AnTuTu score. On paper, its said to be 8.72L. But according to our benchmark tests the scores were around 8.3-8.4L. Thats huge! In all aspects, its performance is on top of the line. So after display & performance, lets talk about the cameras. Camera – The setup includes 50MP(primary)+48MP(ultrawide)+12MP+8MP. The 12MP(Periscope) gives you up to 60x zoom!

The 12MP(Telephoto) has a 50mm focal length & its used for Portraits! It has a 32MP center punch hole selfie sensor. Friends, to tell you a thing, we shot some photos & videos outdoors on the vivo X60 Pro Plus. the lenses by Zeiss are T* coating lenses. And due to the coating, the ghosting/flares during low light photos are all eliminated!

Im showing you some photos/videos on the screen, look at them, even the low light ones! Theyre really nice. To talk about the camera app features, its packed with them! And not just low light photos but you can click low light videos as well! In vivo says its a Super Night Video Mode, where you can click/shoot low light photos/videos. Interestingly, this is the 1st time in the phone where vivo has introduced their own chipset,

the V1. That helps during the processing etc. And yes, you get many filters including Zeiss filters along with Portrait Mode & all. Look at these photos, how did you find these photos? , you can shoot 8K@30FPS & 4K@60FPS. The vivo X70 Pro is capped at 4K. But the Pro Plus shoots 8K@30FPS. And if youre a professional photographer, then listen to this, just like we shoot on Log Mode on Sony cameras, you can use the Log Mode to shoot on this phone as well! If youre a pro photographer,

& you’re specific about choosing a lens, like Ultrawide lens, you can do that too! You can see the histogram as well, so lots of features here! Battery – It has a 4500mAh battery & it’s based on a 5Nm processor, so the 4500mAh is good enough. And the vivo X70 Pro has a 4450mAh battery( less by 50mAh), but the batteries are good. And as I mentioned, the Pro Plus has a 66W fast charging, while the Pro has 44W. Features – There are 2 big features that have been added, as you saw in the theatre, it has IP68 certification. There’s also a 50W wireless charging! Connectivity – There’s everything top of the line!

The X70 Pro Plus has a 10 band support while the X70 Pro has 4 bands. All sensors are available so I won’t talk much about it, all other features that you expect in a flagship phone are present. So finally, what do I say? Three things stand out! The display, performance(SD888+) & the camera, they’re all functional sensors, it isn’t 4MP/2MP. So that’s excellent! The X70 Pro has a 50MP+12MP+12MP+8MP camera setup. The only difference is you get a 48MP ultrawide sensor on the Pro Plus & 12MP on the Pro. On the front,

there’s a 32MP selfie sensor. And the sensor is from Sony(IMX766V) on the Pro. And the Pro Plus has a Samsung GM1 sensor. Multimedia – The display is great! Video viewing is fun & you get stereo speakers on the Pro Plus that are loud & of great quality. You get mono speakers on the Pro. So that’s what the Vivo X70 Pro Plus & vivo X70 Pro are! If you have any questions, then COMMENT down below.

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