Vivo V23E 5G Price full specification, with Dimensity 810

Highlights Vivo V23E 5G

Vivo V23E 5G Processor Dimensity 810

Vivo V23E 5G launch date 23rd November

Vivo V23E 5G Price at 27600


the middle-class smartphone market segment seems to be starting to continue to be a position that gets a lot of public attention, it can’t be separated from the many buyers who have started to dominantly glance at several Android smartphones in this premium middle-class segment along with the development of the middle-class Android cellphone segment.

Of course, several global smartphone brands are also now launching devices that enliven this segment, such as Vivo, which recently, in mid-November 2021, is preparing to announce its latest 4G smartphone line, the device carries the name Vivo V 23e, which is none other than the next generation of the Vivo v11 line.

Of course, as a successor, of course, the Chinese manufacturer has in mind several software systems and hardware components that are better than their predecessors, then what are the advantages of this latest Vivo-made Android phone, no need to linger.

Let’s just look at the specifications. fiction and price of the latest Vivo V23E 5G in the discussion of the following segments in terms of external appearance, it seems that the design sector of the Vivo V23E 5G specification has its own charm. Meanwhile, in other sectors, Vivo also provides a touch of color that is so beautiful on the back rather than the body of this phone will there are two choices of glossy matte colors in the form of black and also Aurora as the most attractive color variant.


In addition, there is also a 3 camera lens module from this Android phone which is vertically embedded in the upper left side as well as two flashlights at the bottom to add to the impression of harmony and balance with the body design of this Android cellphone and then stepping on other parts, don’t forget also that Vivo V23E 5G has embedded Amoled screen technology which has the ability to flicker only 60 hertz so that the visual appearance of the image shown on the screen will look very smooth and neat and has the impression realistic, which is quite strong.

Moreover, coupled with a fairly wide screen measuring 6.4 4 inches with a resolution of 1080p by 2400 pixels, it will definitely show how attractive the visualization showed by this device is, on the other hand, the screen ratio of this Vivo v23 also has a comparison of 20 Compared to 9 with a density of up to 409 pixels per inch Which of course further strengthens the visualization, it moves to another section.


Now I will review the pacemaker sector of the Vivo v23e 5g specification, which in this sector of course there are several hardware components and software systems that are very capable for a mid-level cellphone class such as the use of the 12 nanometers fabricated MediaTek dimensity 810 chipsets as the main brain of the operating system in the Vivo v23e 5g spec device. the ability to take photographic images that way will certainly provide performance and responsiveness. Which of course is extraordinary, not to mention the gaming capabilities don’t end there.

Even this processor has also been supported by an eight GB RAM system which is very supportive in the process of multitasking activities. more responsively then the internal memory on this Android phone also comes with one option, namely 128 GB, both of which are sufficient to ensure the availability of storage space in the Vivo V23e 5g.

The latest generation of Android 11 is an operational system that is very complete with various functional menu options, now is the time for me to explore the camera feature system on the Vivo v23 es specification as its main feature, it cannot be denied that the camera sector is indeed an important part in the menu. the activities of its users, especially for those who like Khan’s activities, it is not without reason that each lens has a sensor that is integrated with each other to guarantee its photographic performance,


first 64 megapixels as a white sensor, then 8 megapixels which function Ultra white and 2 megapixels which play a role in shooting depth. the main camera on the Vivo V 23e will be supported by a dual-LED Flash feature which is very functional in ensuring lighting when shooting photos in low light conditions, especially since the rear camera has also been supported by the ability to record video for a key with 1080 pixels at 30fps which is very effective

and also functional for guarantees visual motion when recording videos so that the video recording results will be very good and look ants. Besides that, the Vivo v23 iPhone is also supported by a 50-megapixel front lens which is very functional in ensuring access to more attractive selfie portraits. so it’s not surprising that the camera sector from the latest Vivo HP will be one part that is able to increase the attractiveness in the eyes of buyers.


In addition, don’t forget that the connectivity sector of the Vivo v23e 5g specification is also a very important part or segment for us to discuss. Among them, such as about your activities in cyberspace where this Vivo v23e 5g spec has received 4G technology support as an internet network to ensure faster virtual world access with a strong signal.

Besides that, Vivo has also embedded several connectivity features to facilitate access to data transfer between devices. some of them, such as the use of BlueTooth you SBY type-c and don’t forget USB on-the-go, it’s just that unfortunately, the Vivo v23e 5g embeds an NFC connection system, even the possibility of a 3.5 mm audio hole will not be provided by this cellphone, the battery sector is a segment which is quite important in the Vivo. specification system vo v23 is due to its role as a source as well as a supplier of 4050 Maha battery power with fast charging 44 What, after understanding the specifications of the price features,


advantages and disadvantages, of course now is the time for me to discuss the price of the latest Vivo V23e 5g where the price of this middle-class Vivo HP is reportedly priced at 27600 talk about the release date of this Smartphone, you can buy it at your favorite online store on November 23, 2021. So maybe that’s all our discussion about the new smartphone from Vivo, the Vivo V23e 5g, How are you interested in waiting for this Smartphone to ring in India

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