Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000

Top 5 Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000

Today I will tell you the top 5 best gaming headphones under 1000, which will be the best headphones for you under 1000.

Top five best headphones under 1000 for gaming

AntESports H520 W World of warships edition (Connector 3.5mm Jack, Weight 449g) Price Rs.799

Cosmic Byte Blazer (Connector Type 3.5mm Jack, Weight 300g) Price RS879.

HP H100 Gaming Headset with Mic (Connector Type 3.5mm Audio Jack, Weight 572g) Price Rs.930

Cosmic Byte H11 Gaming Headphones (Connector Type 3.5mm Jack, Weight 469g) Price 1000

Mente Pro Performance Gaming Headset for Pro-Gaming Model Me-GH23 (Connector Type USB, Weight 480g) Price Rs.999

These are the top 5 best headphones for gaming

You can These headphones & headsets can connect to computer & mobile . Your gaming will be very good for all these headphones.The sound of these headphones is very clear. These top 5 headphones are very good & long lasting, you can make your gaming better by taking these headphones.

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