Tecno Pova 5G Price in India, full Specifications

Tecno Pova 5G Highlights

Tecno Pova 5G Processor Dimensity 900

Tecno Pova 5G Price in India 20000

Tecno Pova 5G Battery 6000mah


known for being famous for launching affordable smartphones in the latest gadget news to close the end of 2021 by launching their latest mid-size smartphone called Techno profile image which has competitive specifications in its class after yesterday it was announced that Tecno mobile will be coming soon.

released Tecno Pova 5G, now it’s the turn of the five-year techno officially announced by carrying a massive battery capacity. the best games in the class of mobile Legends, free fire, gasoline, impact and pubg-mobile, now regarding your problem , this time we will review the specifications and prices of five-day analyzing the specifications for the Techno profile image, of course, we start with examines the body design and display screen at a glance based on leaked images.

The overflowing smartphone made by Tecno is made with a body design concept that is quite ideal with a modern design form , of course it cannot be separated from the series of body dimensions in the perspective of the pova image file which is made with a typical fiber design like a premium class phone then for its own size it brings the size of a 6.9-inch IPS which has the capability of an fhd plus resolution of 1080 by 2460 pixels with a ratio of 20 to 9 for the screen speed. This smartphone is equipped with a screen speed of 120hz so it will provide a sharp and sufficient visual guarantee. Moving on to another section,

we will touch on the kitchen side of the five-year Techno specification where in this section there are several components that are able to support the speed of performance. Maximum performance, one of which is the use of the MediaTek chipset, namely the MediaTek T900 dimensity,

its reliability in managing internet network access, of course it will support faster gaming and social media , while not forgetting that Techno pova Five Vi has also embedded 8 GB RAM and 128 internals. GB to provide responsiveness in terms of multitasking activities. As for the operating system platform, type five J has brought the Android 11 OS with a very clean cos8 user interface and of course it is well integrated with the camera or photography sector on the five-day type specification,

it seems to be wrong one important part which cannot be left unattended considering that the camera sector here plays a role that is needed by users in supporting the need for access to shooting. For this reason, Tecno Pova 5G will be supported by a 3 camera module. The rear is a 50 megapixel macro 2 megapixel resolution and a VGA camera, the three camera lenses are claimed to be able to provide high-quality camera shots with a fairly high level of clarity, meanwhile for the matter of the front camera performance, the ritual carries a 16 megapixel lens which is claimed to be quite capable of targeting photo quality.

A quality selfie then in terms of its own connectivity features in the Tecno profile image specification, it has received support features that are quite functional in supporting the activities of Hi consumers, including internet connectivity, which in this case Techno itself has embedded five G technology to support secure network access.

more capable and faster than that the technology has also received complete connectivity features to support transfer activities between devices including Bluetooth 5.2 USB type-c NFC connection and also USB on-the-go while on the other hand Don’t forget that tecno Pova 5G still provides a 3.5 mm audio jack as a plug for the headset cable, which is present as a middle-class phone.

Of course, the battery sector from Tecno Pova 5G specifications will also be part of what will be discussed because the battery segment here is indeed will be taken into consideration by consumers regarding the matter of the battery, the manufacturer has embedded a reliable battery system to support or meet the power requirements of each embedded component. Hi As for the capacity issue, this Tecno profile image has carried a power capacity of 6000mah which will be able to guarantee the needs The power supply from each component is adequate.

Not only that. Even the battery sector of this cellphone has embedded an 18watt fast charging feature which is considered very functional in ensuring charging speed when Charging the battery refers to the discussion on the specifications of the Techno i cellphone.

Next, we will discuss the price of tecno pova 5G. If the latest according to GSMArena, they will launch it at a price of 20000 in the market, but there are many indications that the price will not be that expensive if it has been marketed to Indonesia. Cheap games will be more and more Ok until here first a complete discussion about this Techno pova smartphone, hopefully this information can be useful for all of you okay here we say goodbye Until we meet again next time .

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