Sony Xperia Pro-I Price in India, Best 5 Features

Don’t want to be left behind with Samsung Sony has also just launched a new smartphone in the United States but this Smartphone is not just an ordinary flagship but for a highly targeted segmentation Sony Xperia Pro-I is the best offer from this Japanese electronics manufacturer for professional creators talking about the price Smartphone This is more expensive than twice the price of the Galaxy S 21 Ultra, some of which can be found on the display of the Xperia Pro-I, different from its predecessor,

the body is thickened using very premium materials. Sony dares to use this material even though it is more expensive than the Galaxy Z fold 3 for reasons in order to capture the 5G signal better Hi sensor This one inch in quotes borrowed from the RX100 A premium compact camera line that often gets the title of the best compact camera in the world Sony itself claims that this Xperia pro is a font camera and internally they call it The C amera in the portfolio of Sony mobile phones, this phone even has a unique position, which is above their standard flagship phone, namely Xperia one,

even this Xperia pro is not a direct successor of the Xperia pro even though it carries a name similar to the latest smartphone Sony Xperia Pro-I officially released on Tuesday the 16th Oct 2021 with Exmor CMOS sensor 1 inch and detection autofocus letter i in his name means imaging indicates that the smart phone is promoting features of the camera as its flagship Hi to know more about the following I will present a description of the specifications and price of the Sony Xperia Pro-I and a complete explanation and sample photos from this latest Sony smartphone,

at the first start of the discussion about the specifications of the Sony Xperia Pro-I this time I will review from the outer sector, namely the physical body of this sophisticated smartphone where this latest device does have a very beautiful appearance. Anggun is not without reason considering that Sony itself emphasizes that the body design sector on this latest smartphone will be positioned in the premium segment so that the body design concept is also adapted

to the body concept which is full of futuristic impressions. Besides that, the Sony Xperia price in terms of the body itself, reportedly the manufacturer has designed this phone with dimensions of 26 x 72 x 8, 9 mm and weighing 221 G can’t be denied with this latest body design,

so it’s no wonder that this new generation Xperia smartphone looks so slim and elegant, plus its durability is also unquestionable because this smartphone is equipped with an aluminum frame and has been certified ip65 or ip65. 68 ratings, of course, this makes this phone look so tough, so there’s no doubt that the body design sector in the Sony Xperia pro specifications will be one of the sectors that are so underdog.


this also becomes the most important part because this section ensures that the visualization on the screen is not much different from some of its competitors in the premium segment. This latest Sony mobile phone is equipped with screen technology that is so capable and very sophisticated because in this case it is known that the Sony Xperia price itself carries a screen area of 6, 5 inches with the support of OLED panels with a speed display up to 120 Hz is certainly confirmed that the visual appearance will be seen more clearly and

very Anggun is certainly one of the advantages of the sectors of visualization is not quite up there alone Even Sony Xperia Pro-I will also be present to bring armed with a resolution of 1644 by 3840 pixels or we call it 4k that way, of course, if the sharpness and reality of your visual appearance look very obvious and strong. Besides that, don’t forget that on the side of the visual screen, the Sony Xperia Pro-I specification will also be covered with a protective shield. Corning Gorilla Glass victus screen g is very reliable and capable,


meanwhile talking about its own visual performance in the specifications, the Sony Xperia pro is also equipped with a variety of reliable engine components, of course, this is attempted as a guarantor of the operational performance of this cellphone, for example, about the main component in the form of the Snapdragon 888 chipset. from Qualcomm, which in this case the Sony Xperia Pro-I pairs it with a powerful octa-core processor as a guarantee of system stability that is far more capable in all operational conditions. Not only that, but the Sony Xperia Pro-I has also relied on 12GB of RAM with 512GB of internal memory.

which can be expanded with MicroSD dx up to 1 terabyte which is ready to provide a more aggressive performance speed guarantee while being able to guarantee adequate storage space requirements apart from that in the machining sector carried by the Sony Xperia pro specifications this will also rely on the new generation Android 11 OS.

to provide a much lighter performance speed and then move on to the other side, we will review the photography sector from the specifications of the Sony Xperia Pro-I, we cannot deny that the camera sector is an important part that consumers will consider, especially in the modern era like today. For that reason, in this case, Sony has brought a red mechanism that is reliable and very typical of the Xperia series. It’s only natural considering that the Sony Xperia series is indeed one of the devices that puts forward the photographic side in detail.


It is known that the Sony Xperia price itself is equipped with a reliable rear camera which has a sharp resolution capability of the 12-megapixel main camera which is equipped with PDAF and ois features and 12-megapixel telephoto which is equipped with double optical zoom and ois features as well as 12-megapixel Ultra wide and finally the 0.3-megapixel depth sensor lens in this camera is equipped with optics.

Seis and Zee Asteris Lens Coating will make the photos look much more professional with high clarity on the other hand this Sony Xperia pro also doesn’t forget to embed the 8 megapixels front camera and will pamper users with selfie photos that are much higher quality and won’t disappoint Sony fans, so it’s no wonder the line of photography or the camera from the Sony Xperia pro specification has indeed become an important part that is highly relied upon by Sony to attract the attention of Sony fans. Here are the shots from the next Sony Xperia pro-I smartphone, there is also the connectivity sector from the very dear Sony Xperia Pro-I specification.


if we just skip the review because the connectivity clinic here has an important role in ensuring your activity needs for this sophisticated Sony device, it is known that Sony itself already supports 5G networks, meaning that this Sony Xperia pro smartphone will provide support for fast internet access speeds.Sony Xperia Pro-I

be so fast and reliable over the 4G network on the other hand there are also other connection features that are no less sophisticated in functionality such as a 3.5 mm Bluetooth 5.2 audio jack equipped with apt-X USB 3.1 type-c and USB OTG features armed with advanced technology in the specifications of the Sony Xperia pro This is also claimed to offer a very reliable and sophisticated battery. It’s only natural because this phone requires a battery that has high functionality to supply power to several components. Meanwhile,

on the other hand, the Sony Xperia pro phone is also equipped with a battery with a capacity of 4500 mAh even though it is fairly small. the standard apparently with this battery supply is deemed sufficient to ensure the power requirements of each embedded component is enough for that matter. Even the battery sector in the Sony Xperia pro specification is also equipped with a 30watt fast battery charger feature USB power delivery which is ready to add value to selling in the market. Sony Xperia Pro-I

the eyes of sony fans regarding this discussion Tak forget also that information about the price of the Sony Xperia Pro-I will also be an important topic that is also discussed in depth because the price of this latest Sony smartphone will be a consideration for Sony fans in adjusting the budget. The Sony Xperia Pro-I is priced at 1799 dollars, 137105. while the accessories

sony vlog monitor will sell for 199 dollars around 14999 this phone will be available for purchase in December through Sony’s official retail store with the only color offered by frost blade of course the high price of this Sony Android smartphone has been adjusted to the features and specifications also the target market, which is indeed targeting the middle and upper premium level., so a full review of the specifications and prices of the latest Sony Xperia pro , hopefully, it will be useful and see you again at the next opportunity.Sony Xperia Pro-I

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