samsung s22 launch date in india,samsung s22 ultra Best price in india

samsung s22 launch date in india

After nearly a year of speculation, when Samsung confirmed that there will definitely be no Galaxy Note 21 in 2021, the company knew that people could be fascinated. But nonetheless there has been some surprise in the intense depth of feeling through an appeal calling for a change of path.

samsung s22 launch date in india

The petition, organized by Sambil in a significantly optimistic manner, called on Samsung to “give us a note instead of skipping next year’s Galaxy S22 lineup.” At the time of writing, it has been signed by more than 17,000 people since its August 30 release.

samsung s22 launch date in india

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Such a change, based primarily on the application, could “keep all its flagship lineups alive by changing between them, while at the same time keeping all its fans happy,” which seems somewhat unlikely. They will see the Samsung Galaxy S22 in their hands they are not too impressed with their handset jump.

samsung s22 launch date in india

But really, it’s a turbulent stage. Clearly, it would be surprising if this application acknowledged its achieved goal, no matter how many people signed up in the end. There are rumors that the S22 has been in development for some time, where a model does not have new notes. Samsung now has no way to shuffle tracks, even when it wants to.

And it’s a huge “if” in itself. The agency may have cool, annoying numbers to stop notes on the S line, and the relatively small die-hard followers who sign a petition may not change that analysis in any significant way

It goes without saying that the petition cannot have at least some effect. This will no doubt reassure the company that there are a number of followers of the Note line, which will welcome its return, if Samsung finally decides to revive it on the freeway.

After all, not talking about the Samsung phone is gone forever, only the current situation of lack of global chips suggests that it should choose something more about which handsets should be preferred.

samsung s22 launch date in india 8/2/22

While there is nothing that certain people can do to fluctuate Samsung’s ideas frequently, those who really need to return the note will find it seemingly easier to vote together with your toes. If the company doesn’t promote its rumored new Foldable,

the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, it hopes – even with expected S Pen support and perhaps a reduction in the price of the pleasurable playing card – Samsung can finally acknowledge the future line of the Galaxy Note. There should be room for in any case.

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