Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price and Specification, Best feature

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

A number of rumors about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have been circulating based on the rumors circulating that this brand-new phone will be released in January 2022. A series of new renders for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appeared online some time ago showing the front and back panels of this phone. and the latest news comes regarding the color of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

many expect with this device color variant Samsung can revive the color that debuted on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus called burgundy red a very dark red color at least that’s what the rumors suggest reinforced by like rice Universe Pageant coloring gifs have long been missing from the Samsung series, especially in the flash zip segment, the last time Samsung used burgundy red was the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus series, both of these phones were launched on February 25, 2018,

and then the company The South Korean native now prefers to use black and white, purple or other bright colors. The next generation Galaxy S 22 series smartphone is rumored to consist of only three models, which include the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy S 22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra can bear the name Galaxy Note 22 Ultra, the world’s gadget leaker has begun to issue this specification because this phone is allegedly going to have a subordinate S-pen slot. Ultra in some of the segments presented in this video, in the first segment in terms of discussing the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, of course, we will also discuss first the physical design or body as the outermost sector of this device,

this is an important thing that is enough to become one of the most important things. part with and the function of attracting consumer interest in terms of body appearance because of this, it is no doubt that the Samsung S2 two Ultra is designed with a body concept that is able to attract the attention of consumers, especially in the elite class segment,

only the matter of dimensional details on the Samsung S2 two Ultra itself is still unknown. For now, what is clear is that this premium device made by Samsung will be made more elegant with smooth body angles. Please note that the body carried on the Samsung S2 two Ultra is known to have carried aluminum material where the body of this cellphone is equipped with ip67 pan certification which makes it so tough and resistant to water Looking at the specifications of the Samsung S 22 Ultra, of course,

the physical body sector that this phone carries is a consideration for potential consumers, especially with the appearance that is so attractive and very strong for its luxurious impression. On the other hand, the screen sector of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specification will also be a discussion sector which we will also discuss in depth. Not without reason, considering that the screen sector here has an important role in maintaining the visualization display,

therefore it cannot be denied that The visual screen on this sophisticated middle-upper class smartphone made by Samsung will bring sophisticated screen technology as a guarantor which pole for this matter it is known that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra itself will carry a screen with tiny bangs on the front side at the top Middle with a size of 6.8 One. This inch player is claimed to have used 2x Dynamic AMOLED panel technology with a screen speed of 120 Hz which is ready to provide a guarantee of very high visual clarity. able to be min visual acuity evenly with a high-quality display is not enough.

Even on the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specification is also equipped with a coating or screen protector in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass fetus which is very reliable and capable of preventing scratches from objects sharp switch in the next session, now we will enter the side of the runway that carries the ‘

specifications of the Samsung S 22 Ultra indeed for the matter of the performance of this cellphone it is believed that Samsung will implement several reliable components as one of the guarantees of quality and the quality of its performance with regard to this matter is certainly important for us to know what are the features embedded in Samsung’s advanced smartphones.


It is first known that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra itself will rely on the Snapdragon 898 or Exynos 2200 chipset depending on the marketing apart from that the processor is also fairly forgiven with the oct CPU model a-core as the platform. In addition, on this latest Samsung smartphone,

it is known that it will embed two variants of RAM with a super jumbo capacity of 12/16 GB, so with that amount of RAM, the need for superfast performance and multitasking performance will be further guaranteed responsiveness. then on the other hand, in the kitchen sector, the Samsung S 22 Ultra specification is also equipped with the latest generation Android 11 OS as a platform that is very light but performs fast. On the other hand, it is still related to the hardware of the Samsung S 22 Ultra specification,

it is known that this premium class sophisticated cellphone will be equipped with a very capable and adequate internal storage space, including internal storage space with a capacity of 205, 26 or 512 GB which is certain to be able to accommodate various kinds of files more efficiently. micro SD so that you only rely on the internal memory on the one hand. It is undeniable that in discussing


the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra here we will also examine the photographic system carried by this latest Samsung device. The Samsung S2 two Ultra will bring three rear cameras with a reliable resolution of between 108 megapixels, 12 megapixels, periscope telephoto,

and finally Ultra-white 12 megapixels. Of course, with this super-sophisticated and high-resolution camera, it is certain that it will provide very high-quality and modern photo shots. already equipped with a fairly reliable front camera which has a 32-megapixel resolution capability with dual pixel PDF support as a guarantor of selfie photo performance which is much higher quality with smoother photo shots besides that the Samsung S2 two Ultra is also equipped with a slot.


dual sim card that can be used at the same time. Not only that, this sophisticated smartphone is also equipped with a payment feature in the form of Samsung pay, on the other hand, there are also several other connection features that also have an important role, including WiFi dual-band wi-fi. direct hotspot Bluetooth NFC FM radio s-pen and USB

type-c 3.1 switches to the next sector this time we will discuss the battery and carried by the specifications of the Samsung S 22 Ultra while on the other hand for its own power capacity the Samsung S2 two Ultra is known to carry a battery capacity of 5000mah fast charging 65 What of course with such a large capacity will make this sophisticated phone able to last a long time because


it is guaranteed with large power support after discussing the detailed specifications next we will talk about the price of the Samsung S2 two Ultra only it is possible that the price of the Samsung S22 Ultra is predicted to be in the range of 91999 rupiahs, of course, this price estimate is adjusted to the feature market segmentation and of course the specifications it brings to talk about the release date of this Smartphone.

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