Samsung Galaxy m53 5G Price in India full specifications

Samsung Galaxy m53 5G

Samsung Galaxy m53 5G Processor Snapdragon 778G

Samsung Galaxy m53 5G Price 25999-29999


being a well-known brand in the world of gadgets. Samsung continues to produce and develop smartphone products with sophisticated features. No doubt this makes the South Korean manufacturer always have a wide market network in the Global segment, even at the end of 2021 Samsung has also preparing some of its newest smart devices to welcome 2022 such as the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G where rumors about this middle-class smartphone have started to spread widely in cyberspace.

it’s just that for new generation products there will be many updates and more advanced features embedded in the technology cellphone made by Samsung. Now to know more about this, in this case we will review the specifications and prices of the Samsung Galaxy M 53 Let’s look at the full discussion. The first thing we will discuss about the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G this time is in the physical design section which in this sector is indeed an important part that will be able to attract the attention of buyers in the premium class. Of course,

this cannot be separated from the concept. its body that carries a modern and contemporary design style as a guarantor of a much more characterful appearance and of course has a high appeal on the other hand the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G will also come with a body dimension that is so far away measuring 164 two 7604 by 7.4 mm which makes it seem so charming with

a body shape that is so modern in its class then for the body frame itself the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G will carry plastic materials that make it so elastic and tough enough to shape its body dimensions Meanwhile on the other hand for the visual screen problem on the specifications of this Samsung Galaxy m53 as well will men So the segment that will be the focus for us to review because this section is quite capable of influencing attractiveness in the eyes of buyers.

Not without reason, considering that Samsung itself has brought the latest screen technology with modern innovations that are very reliable in guaranteeing visualization, one of which is a Super AMOLED display panel with and a 120 Hz screen which is certain to be the technology carried by the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G to provide a sharper and clearer visual appearance.

2400 pixels so that we can be sure that it will be able to provide visual guarantees that will seem so realistic and attractive In addition, on the side of the screen that is carried by the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 this time it is reported that it has also been coated with a screen protector in the form of Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches. Scratches occur on the screen.

Then in another section, the discussion regarding the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 will touch the hardware side of the runway, yes, it does store various reliable components, such as components in the form of a Qualcomm chipset of the Snapdragon 778 type or it could be Snapdragon 780g which is clear with a combination of components On the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G,

it is certain that it will be able to guarantee a more stable performance. On the other hand, 8GB of RAM is also embedded in this phone to ensure multitasking speed. Don’t forget that 128GB of internal memory is also presented to provide more adequate storage space. The runway that is carried by the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G is certain to carry the Android 12 OS with the one.ui 4 user interface and not to forget there is also a virtual RAM feature of up to 4 best,

Nok internal security ufs 3.1 and guaranteed OS updates up to three hours. years moving in other sectors. Now we will review the camera side of the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G where the photography sector here will be one of the segments considered by potential buyers,

this cannot be separated from the triple rear camera provision on the Samsung Galaxy m53, which are each Each of these cameras is claimed to have a 64 megapixel main camera resolution which is equipped with 12 megapixel Ultra white and 5 megapixel macro features accompanied by LED Flash which will provide more quality and perfect photo portraits. On the other hand,

the Samsung Galaxy m53 5G will also be equipped with one 32 megapixel front camera as one of the Fit cameras to meet the needs of selfie photos with very satisfying results so it is clear and certain that this line of shooting on the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy m53 will be one of the most superior features to compete with its competitors in the middle class segment.

then a There are also several other functional features that are implemented on this latest Samsung smartphone, such as wi-fi, wi-fi direct, dualband hotspot, bluetooth, NFC and USB type-c, unfortunately this smartphone has removed the 3.5 mm audio jack hole, so for those of you who want to listen songs with a headset must have an additional converter, then on the battery side,

the specifications for the Samsung Galaxy m53 itself are also an important part to be reviewed and considered. Hi, the article here is that the battery plays an important role in terms of battery supply. It’s not enough to stop there. Even the Samsung Galaxy m53 is confirmed. will carry a battery with a capacity of 5000/6000 Maha fast charging 33 What is claimed to be adequate enough to guarantee the need for a power supply so as to make this device last for a longer time then the question of the price of the Samsung Galaxy m53 itself is of course a topic that we will not discuss.

just leave it considering the price of this latest Samsung smartphone will be a material consideration for prospective buyers before buying a cellphone with a thin design and gahar specs, this is indeed positioned to fill the middle mobile segment with a price of 5 million rupiah. Indians So we will do regular updates on this channel when we find the latest information for the release date, it is possible that this smartphone will be released by Samsung Global in early or mid 2022 So maybe this is our discussion about the latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy m53 VJ How are you all interested in buying this smartphone

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