Samsung Galaxy A73 5g Price in India, Full Specifications

Highlights Samsung Galaxy A73 5g

  • Samsung Galaxy A73 5g Qualcomm Snapdragon 750g or 778 G chipset
  • Samsung Galaxy A73 5g 27999 rupiah
  • Samsung Galaxy A73 5g launch possible release in 2022


Samsung some time ago leaking the new Galaxy A7 3 device in cyberspace but the latest reports about the cellphone are starting to be revealed, especially in terms of the design of the South Korean smartphone. A technical concept designer collaborated with letsgodigital to try to make a 3D rendering

of the phone it is expected that the phone will be the next premium mid-range smartphone from Samsung from the design of the image it looks like the Galaxy A73 5g is similar to its predecessor generation Galaxy a72 it can be seen on the pansol at the top Middle and rectangular module that houses four cameras it is hoped that the phone will be a first-class smartphone the premium premium cut from

Samsung from the image design looks like the Galaxy A73 is similar to the previous generation Galaxy a73 5g has not entered the core of the discussion I want to disclaimer if the video I discuss is very accurate, the information in this video can be accounted for Answer the information, the rumors of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy A73 smartphone on the market recently are getting warmer, it is reported that this three Samsung Galaxy A73 5g will be Samsung’s new flagship phone from the A-series, which is famous for being stubborn even though it has an affordable price but has qualified specifications.


What will Samsung provide through this triple Galaxy A73 5g phone, along with a full review especially for you, have a very wide screen, namely 6.7 inches? The Galaxy A73 5g triple like Mbak Al carries a futuristic design from the front side, there are not many design curves that characterize Samsung phones.

It’s simple, it’s just that in this series Samsung installed the front camera design right in the middle and only in the form of a circle not a drop of water like today’s cellphones, usually the beauty in terms of the design of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5g is actually seen in the design of the back, the arrangement of the four rear lenses that are lined up in a row.

just installed on a box design so that it makes it feel neater in terms of a very clean body it also makes this phone, even more, has a sweet impression not only wins two screens of the Samsung Galaxy A73 5g smartphone, three also has very capable power Just imagine the Super AMOLED plus that is reportedly installed capable of rendering colors up to 16 colors,

not to mention it also has a very clear resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels, it provides a visual presentation of the mobile phone which is definitely guaranteed to be a Super AMOLED label plus with a screen speed of 120 Hz that Samsung provides means that it shows that the phone screen It is also very anti-scratch to run Android 12 OS and other heavy applications. These three Samsung Galaxy A73 5g smartphone is reportedly going to have a very sophisticated machine about what type of machine is installed.


Samsung has not provided further information regarding this. the success of the a72 series that came out last year they will most likely upgrade massively and rely on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750g or 778 G chipset in addition to the Adreno gpo in the recent series which is clearly said to be able to drive a cellphone

with two RAM options, namely 6 GB or 8 GB with 128 GB or 256 GB of internal memory for those of you who are still lacking in internal memory capacity, of course the Samsung Galaxy A73 5galso supports the addition of a micro SD as we mentioned earlier, this new Samsung flagship phone will come with four lenses at the same time. In addition, there is also one lens on the front, not only winning in the number of lenses, of course,

Samsung has installed a very strong lens on this phone for the rear camera, the Samsung Galaxy A73 5g smartphone has a lens as strong as 108 megapixels which is equipped with OIS features and other lenses are still no known resolution Hi, each lens has different functions such as white Ultra-wide telephoto optical zoom macro Depp and so on,

not to mention you can play camera settings which of course make the captured images from this phone look like a professional camera, the back camera of this phone is reportedly able to take pictures. video with quality up to forkey on the other hand, the front camera of this latest Samsung phone also has extraordinary power.

Just imagine what a clear selfie looks like with a 32-megapixel lens that is reportedly capable of taking 1080 pixel HD quality videos with network connection features on the Samsung Galaxy A73 5g smartphone. starting from signal five so that WiFi is all easy for us to use. In addition, the phone, which is available in a choice of one SIM or dual SIM, also has a very complete sensor feature,


fingerprint on the screen, accelerometer, gyro proximity and compass, all neatly and always summarized We can rely on it as needed. As for connectivity, this phone supports USB type-c as well as USB on-the-go. Unfortunately, Samsung removed the 3.5mm headphone jack so we can find the SIM tray near the USB port.

This leak is based on the rendering of the image shared. by the letsgodigital drafter and technically interesting concept This Smartphone is already supported by an IP rating of 67 water and dust resistance so you can get wet with your Smartphone This next specification is about the Samsung Galaxy A73 5g triple smartphone battery which has a large

capacity battery so that it is adequate in use For a long time this phone used a non-removable 5000mh li-polymer battery, the charging speed was only 25watt, but there was no waste or hampering the performance of the cellphone regarding the release date and also the price. Samsung itself has not provided information regarding these two things.


This is a possible release in 2022 at a price that is still quite friendly, namely 27999 rupiah. Talking about the possible release date of this Smartphone, this could be a Global release in early January 2022. Well, maybe this is our discussion about the latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A7. Hi, how are you all? interested in waiting for this Smartphone to be released to India

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