Redmi Note 11T 5G Price in India, Full Specification

Redmi Note 11T 5G

will get the Redmi Note 11T because according to leaks from an Indian insider, this smartphone will be released to Southeast Asian countries in the near future, it is likely that this smartphone will be released to other countries as soon as possible.

it is clear that this Xiaomi smartphone will still maintain its characteristics, it looks so striking from the outside. the body shape aspect of the Redmi Note 11t 5G spec requires a modern mobile style like a young person with an elegant appearance and a luxurious impression if you look at the dimensions of this body, it is certain that the body of this device looks attractive with a smooth body angle apart from that


the Redmi Note 11t 5G has also applied the concept of a luxurious display style with a simple touch of color, meanwhile, for the visualization section itself, the Redmi Note 11 5G is known to have carried the concept of a 6.6-inch full-screen display where the screen-to-body ratio of this smartphone is quite large with a percentage reaching seven percent so that it gives to and the appearance of the visual screen looks spacious and relieved with an attractive appeal.

As for the visualization ability itself, Xiaomi has used an IPS LCD panel that has a brightness level of up to 600 minutes with a screen speed of 90 Hz and is supported by a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels to ensure this visualization is, of course, This is a distinct advantage for this Xiaomi-made phone in attracting consumer interest, especially on the front the screen itself has been coated with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 as a protector, moving to other sectors,


don’t forget that the Redmi Note 11t 5G specification has also been equipped with a variety of reliable components to ensure performance between some of these dependable components, of course, are none other than the chipset supply where the Redmi Note 11 VJ spec itself has carried a MediaTek chip with dimensity 810 , which is a 6-nanometer fabrication of the advantages of the MediaTek chip with dimensity 810 embedded in the Redmi Note 11t lies in the network technology system that already supports access to fight ,

so with this support, of course, it will make the mobile network faster and more aggressive, even the power control of the chipset on the Redmi Note 11 5G This is also fairly effective and capable of suppressing excessive power consumption without reducing the performance of the phone itself. Apart from that, the Redmi Note 11 5G has also been supported by 6GB and 8GB of RAM which will collaborate with the processor so that it will provide the results of the integration of the application performance program process.

more attractive and responsive. Besides that, 128 GB of internal memory is also presented on this Xiaomi Android phone as a file storage medium. Interestingly, it is supported by an SD card slot so that it can be ensured that the storage space capacity can be expanded and then from the operational aspect itself. Redmi Note 11 Fauzi t After using the Android 11 OS as its platform with Xiaomi’s May 12.5 user interface, which is full of lightweight but functional features,


the camera brought by the Redmi Note 11t 5G specifications here also seems quite promising so it is interesting to discuss. Redmi Note 11t itself has carried the mechanism of a 2 rear camera module with a resolution that is quite capable, including 50 megapixels and 8 megapixels Ultra white, these two cameras of course support each other and are well integrated so that they are guaranteed to be able to guarantee the quality and quality of the photoshoots that are captured.

clear and looks professional especially the rear camera sector on the Redmi Note 11t 5G has also been equipped with fork recording capabilities with a video recording quality that is quite capable, unfortunately, this Smartphone is not equipped with the gyro-eis feature so that when you record with this smartphone you will experience gunshots. With regard to the camera issue, of course, Xiaomi has also installed a front camera with a single 16-megapixel lens which is sure to be able to provide access to memorable and high-quality selfie photos.


is considered to be very capable and quality regarding connectivity. Of course, the specifications of the Redmi Note 11t 5G have been equipped with various functional connection features. On the one hand, Redmi Note 11t 5G also brought several connections that are quite functional, especially to support data transfer between others such as Bluetooth 5.2 USB type-c infrared port X-Axis linear motor, NFC and USB on-the-go, meanwhile for the matter of the audio connection,

apparently, Xiaomi still maintains the 3.5 mm audio jack which functions as a wired headset hole. Redmi No specs te 11t has clearly become the topic of discussion this time that we can’t just let go where it has a capacity of up to 5000 MAH which is sure to make this phone capable of lasting more than 12 hours a day Not only that fast charging feature 33 Anything also presented on this Redmi Note 11t 5G smartphone which is claimed to be able to charge the battery 100% in just 62 minutes.

Price and launch date

Redmi Note 11t 5G launch date India 30 November and price in India 15000.

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