Realme pad Price & Full Seces , launch date , NO 1 Tablet?

Realme pad

Tablets are gaining more popularity and User attention since 2019, trendsetter Apple had the iPad Air series, and beyond Samsung has launched their flagship Tab s7 series.

Then many companies tried to compete With these technology giants but they didn’t have it Good. But now some companies are doing it Good that Xiaomi has launched Mi Pad 5 which A few weeks ago with some interesting glasses And price tags.

And know that Realme is also going in these races To participate. Render of Realme The pad was leaked a few weeks ago, yes the name The device’s realm pad looks like this Shaomi’s My Pad 5.

Anyway Tipstar @ Onlix Coming up with our best look towards the upcoming Tablets from all angles, including some glasses. First, a fall lets me clear it’s realm pad A budget tablet.

And we have a good idea of ​​what Realme is It will be like a pad. And Realme got the pad Geekbench listed and we got Some more information and value about it Too.Realm Pad, the manufacturer’s first entry The tablet space will be powered by a 12nm octa-coreMediaTek Helio G80 chipset,

as revealed Geekbench.Benchmark also shows the software Android 11, as expected, and that will be Realme Pad Start with 4GB of RAM, though we hope so A 6GB model.

Have an SD card When the memory slot on the right The backpacks have a large cutout for the head The camera Realme pads will come in gray and gold, 10.4-inch 60Hz IPS LCD, 8MP front Camera, and an 8MP camera in contrast Side.

Device cover has been confirmed Made with aluminum and we can see Rumor writing slot to the speaker belowAnd USB-C port.There will be 7,100mAh battery, 64GB Storage, possibly expandable,

and even a stylus,Put in the body of the tablet.There are rumors that Realme Pad will announce September 9 and price rumors Must be around $ 273 INR 20,000. If you find Here you will find a budget-friendly tablet It is.

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