Realme gt neo 2t Price in India, full specs, best feature

mid-range smartphone segment. Of course, the existence of realme makes the global smart device market space even tighter so that Er Ilmi also doesn’t seem to stop because the former Oppo manufacturer was reportedly re-launching its newest generation of middle-class devices ,

namely this realme gt neo 2t brings premium mid-range specifications Realme GT Neo 2t is known to have debuted in China some time ago the latest leak claims that the Global launch of the Gt neo 2t religion is getting closer a clicker named Mukul Sharma leaked that realme has appeared on the Google Play console, one netizen asked whether this device will be released globally or it Does this mean that realme gt neo 2t is ready to launch into the global market asked one netizen it will most likely be released Global replied liker mukul Sharma in his

Twitter comment column if you have ever heard the name realme gt neo 2t Anyer cellphone is not a twin even though the name is almost similar Now to treat all of your curiosity Here I will present information about the specifications and prices of the realme gt neo 2T along with a complete explanation for your reference before buying a Smartphone. Neo 2T this time I will review the side of the physical appearance and the visual side of the screen. Not without reason, considering that this realme-made phone comes with a flagship-style concept that has a modern and futuristic style.


2T where the rear side view to the front is made to look elegant and balanced so that it displays a luxurious style on the other hand the realme gt neo 2t trail also comes with a rear body display that is so striking with its luxurious aura, of course, that impression cannot be separated from the touch of the plum color Theium embedded in this Android-based realme cellphone then appears on the front that realme itself has relied on a sophisticated touch screen with

Super AMOLED technology which has a high refresh rate capability of up to 120 Hz so that every visual image display from this cellphone screen will look very beautiful. clear and looks so attractive, not to mention the dimensions of the realme gt neo 2t which has a size of 6.4 three inches full HD + which is designed with a ratio of 85-90 moving to one side,


it is undeniable that the specifications of the realme gt neo 2T also have a number of reliable components and have high functionality such as chipsets from the latest generation MediaTek, namely the dimensity 1200 with a 6-nanometer chip fabrication carried by the realme gt neo 2t.

This 2t has been integrated with VJ technology so that it will greatly support this Android phone in accessing the internet network with fingers. In addition, realme great neo 2t has also received support in the form of reliable RAM with a capacity of eight GB and 12 GB which can be selected according to needs, along with two internal memory also embedded in this Android phone which has a capacity of 128 or 256 GB. but unfortunately for the matter of memory itself,

realme gt neo 2t does not provide an SD card slot like most devices currently released on the one hand to ensure graphic performance so that it looks sharp and clear, the Mali g76 C9 GPU is embedded which is very powerful in providing high-graphic visual access Now to guarantee that all processes from the components embedded in this Realme gt neo 2t will be relied on by the Android 11 OS and realme UI 2.0 as the user interface, then I will discuss the camera from the realme gt neo 2t specification which is also the target of potential buyers.


modern era sa At this, of course, capturing personal moments through an HP camera is a necessity that enters the priority level in terms of resolution. Each lens of this latest Android realme HP camera has the capability of a 64-megapixel Ultra-wideangel 8 Mega Pixel and 2-megapixel Depth sensor which collaborate with each other to guarantee portrait results.

the image is more focused, sharp, and clear, of course. Besides that, this religious 2T camera has also received support for reliable features such as two HDR LEDs and a panorama that is very functional in terms of supporting shooting activities, even the rear camera has also received support for video recording capabilities for kids. Hi, meanwhile for the front camera itself realme gt neo 2t has implemented a standard 16-megapixel selfie camera where the front camera is very attractive in guaranteeing selfie photo activities with shots that will not disappoint.


The following are sample shots from rally smartphones gt neo 2T then there is also a connectivity sector in the realme gt neo 2T specification which is of course very important for us to discuss, such as your activities while surfing in the world of corpses which in the spec of neo 2T has been integrated with VJ technology stepping on other parts of gt neo 2T carrying several sectors of functional close-range connectivity, such as Bluetooth, NFC, USB type-c and USB on-the-go, which both support each other in short-range connection activities, meanwhile on this Realme Android cellphone,

this neo 2t still provides 3 audio holes, 5 mm as the headset cable hole in the next session we will discuss about how the battery is from the realme gt neo 2t specification. Then for the matter of its own power capacity, the realme gt neo 2t trail gets 4500mah of power support which is claimed to be able to last for 24 hours,

some of these superior batteries are also included such as chargers fast 65 What and Rivers charging 2.5 What is functional besides What are the advantages and what are the features on this Android cellphone spec I will also participate in informing about the latest realme gt neo 2t price tag The following is the official price of the gt neo 2t which has been released in China but It should be understood that the price of the Realme gt neo 2T is the selling price for China. So,

those were the specifications and prices for the realme City neo2 tea, which will soon be launched globally to enter the Indonesian market in the near future, so we’ll just have to wait for the presence of realme gt neo 2t in India.

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