Realme GT Neo 2 price in India, Top Specs

Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

The plan will be launched in China on September 22 ahead of its launch officially has confirmed the specifications of the smartphone through several posts on the Chinese blogging site Weibo,

it is likely that it will have RAM support up to 12 GB while the chipset of this device is powered by Snapdragon 870 combined with fast charging the presence of Tini O2’s religion is further strengthened after the cellphone was reported to have received approval of the I with the realme model number rmx1811, so for those of you who want to know more about this cellphone, Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

here we provide information about the specifications and the price of the latest realme GT neo2 first in this discussion we will reveal the outer side of the realme gt neo2 specifications which is none other than the side of the physical body and also the screen as a guarantor of the visual appearance regarding the body, Realme GT Neo 2 price in India


it seems that the realme gt neo 2 specs are supported by physical design which is very compatible with the flagship concept that it carries, not without reason,
Ilmi has implemented the concept of design language on this Android cellphone by carrying a very smooth body angle. Then on the front carries a luxurious screen by relying on an E4 AMOLED 120 Hz panel which of course of course will provide access to the guaranteed visual performance that is very sharp and looks very realistic, Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

especially since the screen size looks so wide with a size of 6.6 and two inches and has a ratio of 20 to 9 to ensure an attractive visual appearance, besides that the resolution is also claimed to reach 1080 by 2400 pixels. which is ready to provide visual access to very clear images, while in terms of performance, of course there is no need to doubt it,

considering that the specifications of the realme gt neo2 have been provided with a variety of comments and are reliable because in accessing its own performance, realme has buried several components of the latest generation that are so aggressive and mutually exclusive. Realme GT Neo 2 price in India


integrated between components such as the 7-nanometer Snapdragon 870g chipset which is the brain of the performance of this realme gt neo2 spec where the chip carried by the latest realme Android cellphone has the ability to keep power always efficient even though it is used for program activities that require a high power supply. Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

tineo dua religious multitasking activities have embedded RAM with a capacity of 68 to 12 GB, each of which is accompanied by 128 GB or 256 GB of internal memory which can be selected as needed for the system’s own operational program neo2 OS Android 11 as the operating system moves to other sectors,


now we will reveal the camera side of the realme gt neo2 specification where this premium class smart device will feature a 64-megapixel main viewfinder then an 8-megapixel Ultra-wide module and a 2-megapixel macro camera and trail mijitin are also embedded. Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

Neo2 itself will also guarantee the reliability of the main camera with the ability for video sharpness. Meanwhile, to ensure selfie needs, realmi will also place a single front camera lens with 16-megapixel resolution interestingly on the main camera of realme smartphones. Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

maintain balance or minimize vibration when recording video or taking photos , the connectivity carried by the realme gt neo2 specifications is also very identical to the daily activities of users to ensure stable and high internet speeds. This Tinio Dua religious oak has also received VJ network technology and is providing easy access for users. When transferring data,


Realme has embedded reliable features in the form of Bluetooth 5.2 NFC connection, USB type-c fingerprint on the screen and also USB on-the-go. This realme gt neo 2 Android cellphone still provides a 3.5 mm audio hole as a headset cable hole. Hi, while on the other hand, Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

it can’t be denied that the specifications of the two realme gt neo2 have also been equipped with a reliable battery as a guarantor for the need for power supply,
meanwhile for the problem the power of the battery from religion tineo dua has a very large power capacity of 5000mah then in guaranteeing the need for real charging speed juxtaposing the cellphone battery with a fast charger feature 65 what so it is clear and certain if the battery capacity of tineo dua religion is enough to be considered a move to this last segment we it’s time to review the latest realme gt neo2 prices where for the price tag itself


reportedly the price of the realme Gt neo 2 will be priced at 2499 animals worth 5 million for the highest variant priced at 2999 Yuan or around rs 34299 you need to note the price on the is very different in India when later this Smartphone Entering the Indian market,

Talking about the release date in China there. This smartphone will be released tomorrow on September 22, 2021, for the Indian market, it is possible that this Smartphone will follow after the Indian market. Realme GT Neo 2 price in India

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