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Realme Gt 2 pro

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Realme Gt 2 pro Price 51999


as previously reported , a screenshot of the alleged AnTuTu Benchmark score from Realme Gt 2 pro is mentioned, although it mentions an extraordinary score reaching 215 points but does not reveal the details of the scores for the GPU CPU memory test and ux100 after the leak The screenshots shared by Antutu not only provide detailed scores but also reveal the main specifications

Antutu list of realme rmx1811 devices wa the device has a screen with a refresh rate of 120hz Hi and is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Geni Soc chipset which marks G has adreno 730 Now to treat your curiosity,

I will present information about the specifications and prices of the t2pro religion along with a complete explanation for your reference before buying a smartphone. This is the initial aspect of the discussion about the specifications of the realme j2pro, this time I will review the side of the physical appearance and the visual side of the screen. Not without reason considering that this realme-made phone comes with a flagship-style concept that has a modern and futuristic style,

this impression is very visible on every side. the physical body on the realme zt2 Pro spec where the rear side view to the front is made to look elegant and balanced so that it displays its luxurious style on the other hand Realme Gt 2 pro religion also comes with a rear body display that is so striking with its aura of luxury, of course that impression cannot be released from the touch of premium colors embedded in this Android-based realme cellphone,

then on the front it appears that rilmi itself has relied on a sophisticated touch screen with Super AMOLED technology which has a high refresh rate capability of up to 120 hz so that every visual image display al from this cellphone screen, it will look very clear and seem so nuanced and attractive,

not to mention the dimensions of the screen from the Realme Gt 2 pro which has a size of 6.8 two inches hd plus which is designed with a ratio of 85-90 until that’s where the realme has coated the screen the protector of Corning Gorilla Glass victus which is quite effective in preventing scratches on the screen moving to one side,

it is undeniable that the specifications of the Realme Gt 2 pro also have a number of reliable components and have high functionality such as the latest generation Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 8gen one with 4 nanometer fabrication. The chip carried by the Realme Gt 2 pro spec has been integrated with FIFG technology so that it will really support this Android phone in accessing the internet network with a very smooth network. In addition,

Realme Gt 2 pro religion has also received support in the form of reliable RAM with a capacity of eight GB and 12 GB which can be accessed Choose according to your needs, along with two internal memory , also embedded in this Android phone which has a capacity of 128 or

256 GB, but unfortunately for the memory itself, Realme Gt 2 pro does not provide an SD card slot like most devices that are currently released . all processes from the components embedded in the Realme Gt 2 pro religion will rely on Android 12 OS and realme UI 3.0 as the user interface. Next I will discuss about the camera from the Realme Gt 2 pro religious specification which is also the target of potential buyers. Naturally, in today’s modern era,

of course capturing personal moments through an camera has become a necessity that enters the priority level in terms of resolution. Each lens of this latest Android realme HP camera has the capability of a 50 megapixel Ultra White megapixel sensor and an 8 megapixel telephoto which are integrated with each other to guarantee excellent results. Besides that, this Realme Gt 2 pro religious HP camera has also received support for reliable features such as two HDR LEDs and a panorama that is very functional in terms of supporting shooting activities,

even the rear camera has also received support for video recording capabilities of up to eight while that for the front camera itself, Realme Gt 2 pro religion has implemented a 32 megapixel selfie camera standard where this front camera is very attractive in guaranteeing selfie photo activities with shots that will not disappoint then there is also the connectivity sector in the

realme 2 Pro specifications which is of course very important for us typical like user activities while surfing in cyberspace which in the religious specs of Realme Gt 2 pro have been integrated with VJ technology stepping on other parts of Realme Gt 2 pro religion carrying several functional close-range connectivity sectors such as bluetooth, NFC, USB type-c and n USB on-the-go which both support each other in close connection activities,

on this t2pro religious Android cellphone it is not yet known whether this smartphone will provide a 3.5 mm audio hole or not step on in the next session we will discuss the issue How is the battery from the realme gt2 Pro specifications Then for the matter of the power capacity itself, the religious t2pro gets 5000 M AHA power support with special fast charging of 25 watts which is claimed to be able to last for 24 hours in addition to what are the advantages and what are the features on this Android cellphone spec,

will also participate in informing about the price tag of the latest realme gt2 Pro talking about the price of this Smartphone, it will be sold in China at a price of 51999 rupiah for the Indonesian market, it is likely that the price will not be much different from what we mentioned earlier,

but it should be understood that the religious price of this t2pro is a the selling price for China So that’s it the specifications and prices of the realme gt 2 Pro which will soon be launched globally in January 2022 for a release to Indonesia, let’s just pray that this Smartphone is also released to Indonesia so we just have to wait for the presence of realme gt 2 pro release in India

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