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Realme 9i

Realme 9i Processor Helio G90T

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realme 9I is rumored to be launching globally early next year in Global including Indonesia, but regarding this there is no official information from the company based on rumors circulating that there will be four smartphones in the 9 series starting from realme9 9 Pro 9i this As well as the realme 9 Pro plus later in a recent report claiming that these four phones will not arrive at the same time it looks like this remi9 will be the first to debut a tipster from Vietnam named Chun claims that realme is still not able to fully deal with component deficiencies.

which is the main reason behind the delay in the honesty of the realme 9i and the high-end remi9 Pro but trail my does not delay the launch of the series completely and will continue with its entry model namely realme 9i in although as of now the specific launch date is not clear but rumors have hinted at what is embedded in the HP realme 9I at a glance based on leaked images that reveal this smartphone made by realme is made with a body design concept that is quite ideal with a modern design form,

this of course cannot be separated from the series of body dimensions on the realme 9i spec which is made with a distinctive design like a premium class phone then for its own size it brings a size of 6.5 inches for the screen type, it’s possible to still use an IPS LCD screen type like this,

get the information from the pixel which has FHD resolution capabilities plus 1080 by 2400 pixels with a ratio of 20 to 9 so that it will provide a sharp and clear enough visual guarantee, especially the front screen which has a 120hz refresh rate , so it’s no wonder that the screen sector from realmi 9i has a fairly smooth visual image display that moves to the other side of the screen.

else we will enjoy The kitchen side of the realme 9I specification where in this section there are several components that are able to support the speed of its performance related to that problem, Kremi has buried some of the latest components with maximum performance, one of which is the use of a chipset from MediaTek, namely the MediaTek helio g90t, maybe it still uses g96 as we got information from the pixel Vietnam, its reliability in processing internet network access, of course, will support faster gaming and social media ,

meanwhile don’t forget that remi9 here has also embedded 4 and 6 GB RAM internal 64 and 128 GB for provide responsiveness in terms of multitasking activities. As for the operating system platform, the realme 9I has brought the Android 11 OS with the realme UI 2.0 user interface which is very clean and of course integrated with both the camera or photography sector on the R specifications.

The Realme 9i also seems to be an important part which cannot be left unattended considering that the red sector here plays a much needed role for users in supporting the need for shooting access. For this reason, the Realme 9 will be supported by a 3 rear camera module, namely 50 megapixel resolution, 2 megapixel portrait and 2 megapixel macro,

the three camera lenses are claimed to be able to provide quality camera shots with a fairly high level of clarity, meanwhile for the matter of the performance of the front camera, realme carries a 16 megapixel lens which is claimed to be quite capable of shooting quality selfie photos. quality, then in terms of its own connectivity features in the realme 9 specifications, it has received support features that are quite functional in supporting the activities of realme fans,

such as internet connectivity, which in this case realmi itself is still lacking. Embedding 4G technology to support network access that is more capable and faster apart from that, RELI has also received complete connectivity features to support transfer activities between devices, including Bluetooth 5.2 USB Type-C and USB on-the-go .

not equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack hole as a plug for the headset cable, present as a middle class cellphone, of course the battery sector from the realme 9 iPhone specifications will also be part of the discussion because the battery segment here will indeed be considered by realme fans regarding Regarding the battery,

the manufacturer has embedded a reliable battery system to support or meet the power requirements of each embedded component. As for the power capacity itself, realme 9i has carried a 5000mah capacity power which will be able to guarantee the power supply needs of each component adequately. That’s all. Even the battery sector of this cellphone has embedded a fast charging feature.

33 What is considered very functional in guaranteeing charging speed when Charging the battery refers to the discussion about the specifications of this realmi phone. Next, we will discuss the price of the latest realme 9I now regarding the issue The price of the realme 9I itself is known to be priced at two million rupiah, the same as from its predecessor smartphone.

Of course, the price is right for a mid-range phone class, especially when we compare it with the specifications, the price of the realme 9I is fairly commensurate, so don’t be surprised if it will be released in Indonesia later. become a parallel game device, my fans talk about the release date of this Smartphone. It is rumored that it will be sold globally in January 2022.

It is possible that India will follow after the global release . So, here is a complete discussion of price specifications

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