Realme 9 Pro launch date, price in india

Realme 9 Pro launch date

After news about the delay in the launch of the Realme 9 smartphone series was detected some time ago , new speculation has emerged stating that the latest series from Realme was only launched in early 2022, ahead of its launch, a well-known leaker, Mukul Sharma, via his Twitter page, explained that the Realme 9Pro smartphone series has appears in the IMEI database according to the IMEI list of realme smartphones with model number rmx 3393,Realme 9 Pro launch date

just passed the series certification registered in the database this time is believed to be the upcoming remi9 Pro, unfortunately this certification does not reveal any leaks regarding the detailed specifications that even the realme Gilan series brought based on previous leaks remi9 and 9pro are allegedly going to bring significant improvements from their predece

ssors, namely the realme 86 series, is a discussion of the realme 9pro specifications this time we will start the review in terms of the outer body design and also on the visual side of the screen then it can’t be separated from that remi9 Pro has implemented the concept of a touch screen with a 120 Hz Super AMOLED panel with hdr10 plus support to ensure the visual quality, the screen has an area of 6.5 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and has a density level of up to 402 pixels per inch.Realme 9 Pro launch date

that this phone will be able to provide a visual guarantee that is so sharp and clear on the paint side on the top side of the layer from the realme 9pro, this front camera hole has also been pinned, which is so elegant, apart from having an attractive appearance, this realme 9pro specification has also received several additional kitchen-paced components. The best is the latest generation, because to get responsive performance and a capable performance system, Realme 9 Pro launch date

of course, Realme must implement an integrated and appropriate component configuration where the official will use the Snapdragon 778G chip or it could be 780g 5G from the latest generation Qualcomm if this rumor is true about the chipset then it is guaranteed brand Xiaomi auto panic because Realme rumors will put Qualcomm Snapdragon chip,Realme 9 Pro launch date

which carried by this smart phone is considered to have a system Ai highly functional as well as to maintain the performance of each component remains stable In use not only that RAM promoted by HP Android realme is also quite varied starting from 6 GB and 8 GB which can be selected according to

needs along with that trail mini 9pro has offered several choices of internal storage space with a capacity of 128 and 256 GB to guarantee the need for adequate storage space meanwhile to ensure every system runs flawlessly so in this case Realme has embedded the Android 11 operating system as a platform for switching to other segments , it is undeniable that the camera line from the realme 9pro

this time is also an important part that we will discuss in depth. Not without reason, considering that the camera line from our new cellphone is very identical to fast God, many of you are currently prioritizing the camera side where in this case Realme will apply the concept of a 3/4 rear camera module, Realme 9 Pro launch date

each of which has a 108 megapixel lens sensor power for the three lenses, we still don’t know the resolution of these three realme 9pro camera lenses will be supported by the dual LED Flash HDR and panorama features to ensure every photo object can be shot perfectly in all conditions on the other hand the main camera of this smartphone has also been equipped with 4K quality video capabilities.Realme 9 Pro launch date

Don’t even forget the gyro-eis feature on the camera features from realme The 9pro is also presented to maintain camera stability when photographing objects or recording video so that the resulting video or photo will be very smooth. Realme 9 Pro launch date

In addition, the front camera is not inferior because realme has implemented a 32 megapixel front camera mechanism which is also supported by the gyro-eis feature. as the main camera is thus very clear It is certain that the camera line from the realme 9pro is certain to be able to guarantee the user’s needs for quality photos and seem professional in the connectivity sector,

it seems that in the discussion of the realme 9pro specifications this time we will also discuss in depth reasonable considering that almost every user activity is closely related to the connectivity system on the smartphone. HP Android then realme 9pro also have got a complete feature NFC connectivity ie bluetooth short range type-c USB 5.2 and USB 3.1 on-the-go that is accurate on the one hand the possibility of Realme will embed audio 3.5 mm hole as a feature of the headset cable connection to ensure its power requirements, Realme 9 Pro launch date

the battery from the realme 9pro specification will use a capable battery system because each component embedded in this Android cellphone really requires a relatively large power of 5000 M AHA to ensure that this remi9 Pro smart device is able to last for 24 hours while to use kung access to more efficient battery usage So realme has used the 65 watt fast charger feature which is so functional, Realme 9 Pro launch date

it’s not enough just a matter of specifications and features, we will also participate in reviewing the official price or price of the latest realme 9 Pro, many will speculate that the price realme 9pro will be priced in the range of 20000 of course the price prediction of this smartphone cannot be separated from the sophistication of the specs and features that are carried to ensure the needs of users on the other hand, with this price prediction range,

it is possible that middle class consumers We will be tempted to buy it if you ask where the specifications of this smartphone can come from. We got this information from gsmarena, gizmochina 91mobiles and other accurate sources . So we did not fabricate this information if it entered the global market,Realme 9 Pro launch date

it is possible that this Smartphone will directly compete with the Redmi Note 11pro which has been released in China. a some time ago Unfortunately there is no latest info when this realme cellphone will enter the age if it is truly confirmed to enter the country’s market then the realme 9pro price will be slightly different from the predictions mentioned earlier Well maybe this is our discussion about the new smartphone from realme that will be released is the trail mini 9pro. How did you start to be interested in buying this smartphone?Realme 9 Pro launch date

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