Realme 9 Pro Expected price in India, TOP Specification

Realme 9 Pro

Realme 9 pro some time ago has been discussed many public will release in the near future that comes with realme 9 series realme known as a brand of smartphones distinguished on the basis of Android seems to still continue to maintain its market dominance segmented Global one such attempt accomplishment with the release of some His
new products are no exception for Middle- class smartphone products, which recently became a buzzing rumor, okay, no need to talk a lot , here you are, read more about the

Realme 9 Pro Display

specifications and prices of the first realme 9pro regarding the specifications of the realme 9pro this time we will discuss in terms of body design the outermost and also on the visual side of the screen which in this case realme itself has brought a modern design style with the current flagship concept to strengthen the futuristic impression so it is very natural that the body appearance of this realme Android cellphone will seem quite slim with the angle of the sides.

Smooth then also not separated that the realme 9 Pro has implemented the concept of a touch screen with a Super AMOLED panel has a 6.5-inch screen with a screen speed of 120 Hz and hdr10 plus to guarantee the visual quality so it is clear and certain that this phone will be able to provide visual assurance which is so sharp and clear on the other hand on the upper side of the screen from the realme 9pro this has also been pinned to the front camera hole which is like that.

Maybe apart from having an attractive appearance, this realme 9pro specification has also received several additions to the latest generation of the best kitchen-paced components,
the article is to get performance responsive and a capable performance system, of course, realme must implement a configuration of components that are integrated with each other and according to one of the main things is the use of the chipset as a brain component of the performance engine system on the realme 9 pro spec quoted from a leaker from India realme plans to use a,

Realme 9 Pro specifications

Qualcomm chipset between Snapdragon 750g 778G or can also 780G that supports connectivity 5G chip carried by this smartphone is considered to have a system Ai highly functional and capable of keeping the charge of each component remains stable In use with so clear and certain that Smartphone realme 9pro It will be able provides a proportional guarantee of performance that does not stop there.

The RAM carried by this realme Android cellphone is also quite varied, starting from 6 GB and 8 GB which can be selected as needed. Along with that,
Realme 9pro has offered three choices of internal storage space with a capacity of 128 and 256 GB to guarantee the need for adequate storage space meanwhile to ensure every system runs perfectly, in this case the realme has embedded the Android 11 operating system as its platform switching to another segment,

it is undeniable that the camera clinic from the realme 9pro specifications this time is also an important part that we will discuss. talk about Open n For no reason,

Realme 9 pro Camera

considering that the camera line from the latest realme is very identical to the needs of users who currently prioritize the camera side where in this case realme will apply the concept of 4 rear camera modules, each of which has a 108-megapixel sensor power, all three realme camera lenses.

The 9pro will be supported by the dual-LED flash header and panorama features to ensure that every photo object can be shot perfectly in all conditions.

On the other hand, the main camera of this smartphone has also been equipped with forkey-quality video capabilities. camera features from realme 9pro are also presented to maintain camera stability when stretching objects or recording videos so that the resulting video or photos will look very smooth then realme 9 Pro has also received complete close-range connectivity features,

namely Bluetooth 5.2 Saudi motorcycle taxis 3.5 mm USB type-c 3.1 and excellent USB on-the-go accurate and then to ensure the power requirement,

the battery from this realme 9pro specification will use a capable battery system because every component embedded in this Android cellphone really requires relatively large power , namely 5000 mAh fast charging 65 watts to ensure that the realme 9 smart device This Pro is able to last for 24 hours,

so don’t be surprised if the Bro battery contributes a plus value to attract consumers’ interest, it’s not enough just about the specifications and features, we will also participate in reviewing the official price or price of the latest realme 9 Pro, judging from the specs,

it seems that this smartphone is designed to target the middle and upper-middle class if looking from many sources it seems that there has been no official confirmation of the price of the latest realme 9 Pro series,

Realme 9 Pro Expected price in India

but not a few have speculated that the price of realme 9pro will be priced in the 20999 of course only mobile phone price predictions c This smart device cannot be separated from the sophistication of its specs and features that are carried to ensure the needs of users.

Unfortunately, there is no latest information on when this realme will enter Indonesia based on the information we got from the Indians if there are no obstacles this cellphone will be released at the end of September or if there is an obstacle, it could be in October or November, then it will be released to India first, the Indonesian and global markets will follow afterward.

If it is confirmed that it will enter the homeland market, the realme 9pro price will be slightly different from the previous prediction. which will be launched is the realme 9pro How are you interested in waiting for this smartphone

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