Poco X4 Price in India, full specification & Launch date

Highlights Poco X4

Poco X4 Performance Snapdragon 768 G or Snapdragon 778 G

Poco X4 is priced at around 27999

Poco X4 Camera 64-megapixel


with all the technology development ideas that it has. Xiaomi continues to produce various smartphone products that are truly tailored to market needs, from the entry-level mid-range to upper-middle-class segment to the premium Flexi class where every smartphone product is also in demand. by consumers in various parts of the world, especially in the Asian Market region, the presence of the main Poco X4 will also complement the line of gaming smartphones from the Xiaomi Poco series, so it’s not surprising that this product will be the best choice for gamers aged, information on specifications and features has started.


spread and leaked in cyberspace ranging from fast kitchen designs to some of the technologies embedded in the Xiaomi gaming device Okay, maybe there’s no need for further ado, here we describe the latest rumors about the Poco X4 main smartphone which will be released soon. Not only that. Even the X4 principal.

also will be equipped with a unique full-screen mobile phone with a size of 6.67 inches and has a resolution of 1080 by 2400 pixels, the screen speed is up to 120 Hz so that it can be ascertained that it will be able to provide visual guarantees that will seem so realistic and attractive. this time it has also been coated with a screen protector in the form of the latest Corning Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches on the screen. Then in another section,


the discussion about the main specifications of the poco X4 will touch the hardware side of the runway, it does store various components, one of which is the chipset, considering the main specs of the x45vd itself. will carry a chip between Snapdragon 768 G or Snapdragon 778 G which has been integrated with the network system. This will certainly support user activities when surfing Ria in cyberspace so that internet performance will be much faster on the other hand. RAM with a capacity of six and eight GB is also embedded in this phone to ensure the speed of multitasking.

Don’t forget that 128 and 256 GB of internal memory are also presented to provide more adequate storage space. Hi As for the performance of the platform itself, the main Poco X4 uses Android 11 OS. the latest generation that is rich in non-functional features, next I will try to discuss the photography features on the main specifications of the Poco X4 as one of the very interesting sectors for us to discuss and explore because in this section Xiaomi has relied on several sophisticated systems that are very supportive in guaranteeing results.


The photography includes things like the 3 rear cameras embedded in the rear body on the Poco X4 main spec where each lens has a 64-megapixel camera resolution and there are two cameras whose resolution is still unknown sure if there is a new update we will immediately Please inform the development of this Smartphone. On the other hand, the Poco X4 book has also included a 16-megapixel front camera with recording capabilities up to for key to ensure smoother and clearer selfie video results. This is certainly a reason for my fans to choose this device as the best choice.

no wonder the x4 will become a premium smartphone that is quite Awaited for its presence in India on the one hand the connectivity system offered by the x4 basic specifications also seems quite promising because there are various connection features that are very attractive and have adequate functional levels,


one of which is good connectivity. related to the internet, considering that the basic specs of the x4itself have received VJ network support which is ready to provide such aggressive access speeds, Mbak Den does not forget that several other features are also included, such as Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection, USB type-c, infrared Blast. 3.5 mm and USB on-the-go which is very functional in supporting access to data transfer between devices and then for the battery itself,

the X4 main specifications have guaranteed the power requirements of each component with a reliable battery for the matter of its own power capacity. immersing a battery capacity that may be sufficient, namely 5000/6000 Maha with fast charging between 33 What or it could be 67 What for this battery problem, this smartphone is the flagship of Xiaomi after understanding some information about the specifications,


then we will continue the discussion on the cost of x4 The latest talk about the price of this Smartphone is reportedly going to be priced at around 27999 he or around 34928 it’s still a rumor from the Indians, don’t swallow the information from the Indian price, on the other hand, there is no confirmation or certainty when this premium smartphone will be released in India. our India hopes this smartphone will be released to Indonesia as soon as possible because my fans have been waiting for this cheap mid-range smartphone to come to India

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