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Poco F4 , Poco F4

a few weeks ago the news about the latest Xiaomi smartphones showed that the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Ultra have got the codename Cupid and the codename Zeus respectively Xiaomi has now become clear while also we will provide some more information about the company’s plans to release its newest smartphone. according to Xiaomi UI,

the mini code has now revealed four devices in Xiaomi’s plans that will be powered by the upcoming Snapdragon 898 these devices are codenamed Cupid Zeus ingress and

Working three of them are inspired directly from mythical creatures but we don’t know what the English means to like previously mentioned Cupid and Zeus are Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Ultra that source considers that UK could be Redmi K50 or Redmi K50 Pro while working could be poco devices it might be Poco F4 or Poco F4 Pro it is important to note that Redmi k50 and Poco F4 smartphones are still

Now for those of you who are curious about this device, here we will provide a presentation about the specifications and prices of the Xiaomi Poco F4 which can be your reference source. The design language of the specifications of the Xiaomi Poco F4 this time seems to be a representation of the futuristic impression of the various advantages it brings. This Android smartphone is not without reason considering that


the body display carried by the smartphone for Xiaomi does look very ideal with a very smooth and elegant corner shape, it doesn’t stop there. Even this modern smartphone also carries an attractive screen with a Super AMOLED panel and has the ability to flicker up to 120 Hz course on a screen aspect promoted by Xiaomi could poco are certainly

able to guarantee the clarity of visual acuity at the same time not to mention the widescreen is so wide as to embed Xiaomi smartphone with a screen measuring 6.69 advanced full HD + is not reached That’s it Even the Xiaomi Poco F4 has been equipped with a Corning Gorilla Glass protector which is very reliable in preventing scratches in the area.


The screen moves to other sectors. Now we will reveal the innards area of the Poco F4 specifications relating to the operating system and program performance. it is clear that there will be several component arrangements in the runway of this mobile phone which is indeed used as a reference in ensuring performance. One of the most interesting aspects of

this Xiaomi Poco F4 spec is the embedded Snapdragon 898 5G chipset which is one of the latest generation chips fabricated 4-nanometer excess Snapdragon chipset 898 on the smartphone Poco F4 are located primarily on the speed of the system in driving the performance of each program and even a variety of advanced features that require support high system can be secured by their brain system chips made by Qualcomm as a major part of the authorization Hai then do not forget d In this latest Poco F4 system,

the specifications of the spur kitchen have also been supported by reliable RAM with a capacity of 8 and 12 GB along with 128 and 256 GB of internal storage which is very functional. Now for the operating system used, Xiaomi Poco F4 itself carries the Android 11 OS with rich May 12.5 support

The light but functional features of the camera sector from the specifications of the Xiaomi Poco F4 are also a segment that we will not leave for granted because each of the rear cameras of this Smartphone has a resolution of 108 pixels which of course has been integrated properly to provide a guarantee of professional and unparalleled photos. That’s all. Even the main camera has been equipped with high-quality video recording capabilities up to for key.

In addition, the rear camera brought by the Xiaomi Poco F4 flagship has been equipped with the gyro-eis feature as an image stabilization technique using digital media in the form of applications or software.


cement On the other hand, for the matter of connectivity performance, this Xiaomi Poco F4 specification also seems to be an important part of this matter because the latest flagship made by a factory from China has been equipped with 5G access support which is ready to provide high internet access speeds. has been equipped with several very functional close-range connection systems such as Bluetooth 5.1 infrared connection,

NFC connection, USB type C, USB OTG, while on the other hand, unfortunately, Xiaomi has removed the 3.5 mm audio jack or the headset cable hole so that it requires users to use a Bluetooth headset if they want to listen.

music on smartphones moves to other sectors, now we will summarize the battery that is carried by the specifications of the Xiaomi poco f4 as part of discussing this time apart from that for the battery itself, the Xiaomi poco f4 uses a large battery with 100watt fast charging which will most likely be able to support keep the phone’s performance for a day after we look at the various advantages and features of this flagship.


Next, we will examine the official price or price of the latest Xiaomi pocoe four according to the Smartfren website in India itself, the price of the Xiaomi Poco F4 will reportedly start at 44,990 Indian rupees, keep in mind that the price is the price of the Indian version when it enters the Indian market, the price can be cheaper, 44,990, on the other hand,

for information, the information we provide is still a rumor, which we know from the smartprix India notebook check website and Xiaomiui social media maybe that’s how much we discuss the latest smartphone that will be released in the first quarter of 2022, namely the Poco F4 5G How are you interested in waiting for this Smartphone to be released.

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