Oppo k9 Pro Price in India, Full Specs, the Best feature

Oppo k9 Pro

after launching the k9 oppo is now adding the latest member of the oppo mobile series by releasing the k9pro in China in terms of design Oppo k9 Pro has a slightly different appearance from the k9 variant, especially on the back of the display of this oppo f9 Pro Exactly the same as leaks that circulated before the launch of Oppo k9pro were equipped with three rear cameras placed in a wide camera module. The camera module seemed to fill the top of the phone or about 1/3 of the back. Topo officially launched a new phone called oppo k9pro in China.

entering the middle-class segment category but carrying several features that are in the flagship iPhone K-series series, which are none other than devices made by Oppo, it does have its own market segment. his fans to know l More clearly, below, we will provide the latest information regarding the specifications and prices of the Oppo k9 Pro which was just released some time ago as a medium-sized device.

Of course, the Oppo k9 Pro specifications are one aspect that will be taken into consideration, such as from the physical design sector. because based on yesterday’s release it looks quite obvious How this Android phone comes with a very modern design style and has a contemporary and futuristic impression of course the impression of the Oppo k9 Pro spec cannot be separated from the aspect of its body dimensions which are designed or made so ideal where oppo has designed this Android-based cellphone with a size of 158 points seven times 73.5 x 8.5 mm and has a weight of up to 180 G No doubt with these dimensions, of course,


makes the body design of this cellphone looks very slim and sleek so that the impression of elegance looks so great. striking Not Without Reason remembering oppo sen I have carried the AMOLED panel with a screen speed of 120 Hz as the screen technology it uses to provide support from the visual quality aspect of the image that is more adequate. In addition,

it is also supported by a 6.4-3-inch diagonal screen size which of course is very effective in guaranteeing a very creative visual impression. with full HD + resolution on this cellphone which of course will certainly be able to provide visual quality that looks clearer then we will review the hardware and software part of the Oppo k9 Pro specifications as one aspect that is certainly an important part,

Oppo k9 Pro performance

especially in terms of, performance regarding it is undeniable that oppo itself seems to have embedded several structured components that synergize with each other in terms of chipset performance the dimensions of 1200, of course,

it seems to have the ability to guarantee the performance of photography and of course access as a feature of its internet network even when The performance is fairly reliable and able to provide maximum power control to save power, so RAM with a capacity of eight and 12 GB and two memory options with a capacity of 128 and 256 GB are also present to complement the kitchen side of this Android cellphone,

unfortunately, Oppo, in this case, does not provide a slot. SD card which means that the storage capacity cannot be expanded and the operating system itself Oppo k9pro uses the Android 11 OS platform which is rich in excellent features and has high flexibility to move to other parts, now we will reveal the camera side of the Oppo k9 Pro specifications, it is undeniable that the line of photography here has indeed played an important role as one of the main features that will ensure user activity in the shooting action. How not from our main aspect,


oppo has equipped this Android phone with a triple main camera and has a 64-megapixel main camera resolution. Tra white 8 MegaPixels and 2 megapixels macro and equipped with LED Flash. Not only that, it’s interesting that the main camera of the HP Oppo f9 Pro has been equipped with the gyro-eis feature as a gimbal feature or software to minimize shake when recording videos or taking photos regarding This Android-based cellphone video turns out to have reliability in ensuring the sharpness of the video recording resolution up to for key.

In addition, Oppo K9pro has also relied on a front camera with 16-megapixel resolution capability, of course, the presence of a front camera with HDR support on the cellphone made by oppo will clearly spoil its users quite Next, now we will discuss the connectivity of the Oppo f9 Pro specifications as one of the superior features because there are several sectors of this connectivity segment which have the main function to support every user activity,


such as connectivity related to the internet network. where the specifications for the Oppo k9 Pro are certain to carry VG technology to provide fast internet access, it doesn’t stop there. Even in terms of other connections, Punopo has also embedded some of the latest features, such as Bluetooth 5.2, NFC connection, USB type-c connection, and also connection USB,

which will certainly make it easier for users to support close-range connection activities, meanwhile don’t forget that the Oppo f9 Pro is also equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack hole which is of course very useful as a headset hole that is ready to pamper users when playing music.

This Oppo k9 Pro has also been equipped with a capable battery system where the battery here has an important role in ensuring access to the need for power supply and resource support, then the k9pro diaper is also claimed to carry a 4000 500mah battery and 60watt fast charging ready to provide access to supplies. great power To guarantee the use of the battery for a long time after understanding the various advantages of this Oppo Android specification,


then we will of course discuss the price of the latest Oppo k9 Pro in China. Overture and oxygen Warrior this device itself is priced at 25999 for the 8 GB 128 GB variant and 30699 for the 12 GB per 256 GB model it is not yet known whether the Oppo k9plo will also be sold globally including in Indonesia or it’s impossible to get here first, the discussion about the specifications and prices of the Oppo f9 Pro, hopefully, it can be useful information for all of you

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