Oneplus 10 release date, Price, Top specs

Oneplus 10

so this one is a big one plus has given official hints on the oneplus 10. so you all know one plus x oppo is happening and one plus will be using their resources will have access to the latest technology and of course the oxygen os color os integration but we haven’t seen the product with all these changes yet this is happening in next year’s flagship which is the one plus 10 officially confirmed by oneplus

so there are four main changes the first one is their lineup they’ll continue launching new low budget mid-range and max out expensive flagship devices so north series Oneplus 9, and Oneplus 10 flagship series is here to stay second they’ll focus more on cameras since they will give nice user experience they’ll improve the color performance of image working with hassle blade as well as with customized sensor

and lenses this highly means you are seeing Hasselblad hardware in the one plus 10 right now use sony custom sensor and they said back in march Hasselblad is helping them in color tuning as of now

but they also said in our next flagship you will see involvement in hardware so there it is happening exciting part is they also say we’ll invest in research and development of new camera technology you guys can see it is official one plus is working on 140 degrees super panoramic lens and bionic t lens for selfie shooter this will help in making the whole punch small giving fast focus and amazing image quality

so yes two main changes now their next changes in terms of oxygen os so with the oxygen os 12 we’ll see color os codebase merge but it’s gonna be partial this partial integration is coming along with the oneplus 10 they say with the next major os which is of course oxygen os 13 the full integration will be done so what this mean for one plus nine and 8 series see oxygenos 12 for the flagship devices we have

right now will have a color os code base but this will be a very small integration sad part is the os 12 close beta is delayed as of now CBD users will get it this month but we may see public data happening mid next month from what my source says the oneplus 10 os 12 might be based on a 12.1 which is

next not so major os google is working right now yeah again there will be partial integration as of now and with a13 oxygen os 13 they’ll fully merge oxygen os with color os,

not in terms of aesthetics or design but code base and some main applications the final change is one plus confirmed they are killing the one plus 9t but 9th is still in the works they confirm they’ll also merge dash charge with oppo Superbook charging and I told you guys same thing that oppo and one plus are working on 5000 mah battery.Oneplus 10

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