Motorola Edge S30 Price in India Full Specifications

Motorola Edge S30 of Highlights

Motorola Edge S30 Processor Snapdragon 888+

Motorola Edge S30 Price 41000-47999


the latest news from the world of gadgets Global mentions that Motorola has released the Motorola Edge S30 as one of the devices flagship latest news about the presence of this smartphone was known from the forum Weibo on yesterday not only that of course the mobile phone that is claimed to be carrying the name Motorola Edge S30 will be present with some of the latest features that do have high functionality in their class as one of the attractions of this smartphone,

then what about the complete specifications and features carried by the Motorola edge 30, for sure in this review we will discuss it in more depth and detail so that it is better In addition, the visual screen side of the Motorola 30 specification is also claimed to have a screen that is so sophisticated.

Of course, this is an effort to ensure user attractiveness from the visual side, one of which is the panel which is on the visual screen carried by Motorola. This Edge S30 has just launched use a panel with IPS LCD technology with a screen speed of 144 Hz so that the visual guarantee becomes much sharper and clearer in its class,

it’s not enough to stop there. Even the Motorola Edge S30 is also claimed to have carried a fairly wide screen with a size of 6.8 inches with a front camera hole on the middle side. which makes it look quite elegant so there is no doubt that the visual screen sector on the Motorola edge s30 specification will be one of the segments that Motorola

is ready to rely on and its design with its competitors in terms of hardware from the Motorola edge s30 specification Of course I will study further about reliability and the sophistication of the embedded components considering that it is rumored that this phone will carry a number of advanced and sophisticated components, one of which is the chipset.

Not Without Reason, considering that Motorola itself is certain to carry a reliable chipset in the form of Snapdragon 888+ which will synergize with a reliable octa-core processor so that The stability of the system is becoming more reliable with an operational system that is increasingly capable,

it doesn’t end there. Even the Motorola ss30 will also come with RAM support with a capacity of 6 8 and 12 GB to ensure a more progressive and responsive mobile performance speed, even an internal memory of 28 256 GB too. also included on this phone as adequate storage space while the operating system itself on the Motorola edge s30 specification will rely on the latest generation Android 11 OS platform alluding to features. Of course,

the photography sector in the Motorola ex212 specification is a part that I will discuss in more detail and detail because the shooting line here has very reliable capabilities in its class because there will be a triple camera on the back of the body of this Motorola edge s30 with a sharp resolution of 181 pixels World Away 13 megapixels Dep 2

megapixels so it can’t be denied that the photography sector on this smartphone is dim. make sure to be able to provide a guarantee of very professional photo shots with high clarity on the other hand the Motorola edge 30 will also be equipped with a front camera that has a high enough resolution of up to 16 megapixels so it is certain that this smartphone will be able to spoil its users with selfie photos very interesting and very high quality.

Next, now I will examine the connectivity issues that are carried by the specifications of the Motorola edge s30. This smartphone will come with connectivity features that are so capable. On the other hand, the Motorola Edge S30 will also be equipped with several quality close-range connectivity features and functional, say, like wi-fi, wi-fi, direct, dualband hotspot,

NFC and USB type-c, moving on the other hand, now I will enter the battery content carried by the Motorola edge s30 specification, not without reason, considering that the battery sector here is an important part which is quite sufficient. vital role in In terms of power supply, apart from that the Motorola Edge S30 is also equipped with a large enough battery which has a capacity of 5000mah

with fast charging 33 What to guarantee the power supply needs of each component embedded in this cellphone regarding the price of the Motorola edge s30 it seems that in this segment we will discuss it much more deeply where together with the question of the price tag I will also present a conclusion about this cellphone that can be taken into consideration, it’s just a pity that so far there is no further information about this smartphone in the country. others, of course,

it is hoped that this latest Motorola will also be released in the Indonesian market. Well, that’s the review regarding the specifications and prices of the Motorola edge s30 that I have conveyed, hopefully it will be useful, see you next time

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