Motorola edge 20 fusion Review,Best price

Motorola edge 20 fusion Review

Usually when phones launch in India, they with some sorta cuts – some brands remove 5g come bands, some remove wireless charging, some remove NFC its very rare that a phone gets upgrades when launching in India – this happens to be one of those rare times – this is morotola’s edge 20 lite to begin with – let’s find out – hey guys ash here from c4etech and lets get started!

So let’s start with the unboxing part, cutting through the seals… removing that top – we are greeted by the edge 20 fusion – it comes in its own soft case… which is always appreciated – peeling off the plastic to the font.. let’s set the phone aside for a sim ejector pin and finally the usb b type c cable.. so that’s pretty much everything we have in the box… time to take a closer look at the edge 20 fusion..

This phone likeI mentioned is very similar to the edge 20 lite with one major difference – the chip inside.. while the edge 20 lite sports a dimensity 720u – this one’s been upgraded to the 800u. now to answer the obvious question of where does the 800u slot in – l’d say it performs in and around the snapdragon 750g – actually does better on some benchmarks… so basically mi 10i, galaxy m42, nord ce – l’d put it on the same level – the same zip code… Motorola edge 20 fusion Review

Other specs include 6 or 8 gigs of DDR4X RAM and 128 gigs UFS 2.2 storage.. which is all the more alluring given there’s micro sd support – talking about which… The hybrid tray is located to the left, below which we have a dedicated google assistant key..

Now to we just have a secondary mic to the top and the volume rockers along with a power key that also happens to pull double duty as a fingerprint scanner – they are found to the right.

Motorola edge 20 fusion Review

The back is plastic but it’s amongst the better looking ones out’s gone for a matte frosted finish with this back panel – that’s not something we usually see.. when it’s plastic – brands seem to put the least amount of effort in – happy to see moto break that trend – this back actually feels nice – the thickness h ere is 8.25mm – and the weight – 185 grams despite the edge 20 fusion having a 5000mah battery

on the inside – so its as ergonomic 6.7″ display toting smartphone to be. as you can expect a smooth backed. And oh ya the display – we have a 6.7inch display – like I said – this is a 10 bit panel – plenty bright – we don’t have any mention of gorilla glass –

but it’s got an oleophobic coating at least and hey the phones got an IP52 ingress protection rating – so it can take a few splashes officiall.. Now to the top of this display is a centered hole punch – this houses a 32mp selfie camera with an f2.25 lens.

u know what I liked most about this camera – the fact that moto is probably one of the only brands remaining that dont have beauty mode turned on by default. jokes apart the selfie cam seems serviceable…

it’s got your regular array of features like spot color, cinematograph, portraits etc. And that’s pretty much the same feature set as we get for the rear camera.. talking about which.

This here’s a triple camera setup – the primary is a 108mp HM2 sensor… it’s paired with an f1.9’s got nona binning and shoots 12mp by default. The pictures looked nice enough – initial impressions at least – if I had one thing to say – damn it’s difficult to get cats to sit in one place long enough to shoot| The secondary camera is an 8mp ultra wide is for depth detection – in other words it’s there to make up the numbers..

Moving from camera to software – The user interface is typically moto – as in most things motorola promises 2 major android updates. are stock… this is android11 and while its more than the 1 update most brands promise in this segment – this is moto, the track record aint great – so l’d take this promise with a grain of salt returning back to the software, we have moto actions, we have beaten this to death over every moto phone launch, so i’m not gonna dig into that grave again.

they have made the cut your phone from the pc – adding another level of convenience to the end user – I’ve not had enough time to play around with this yet – so ll have more to say in my full review… Motorola edge 20 fusion Review

Given stock android the user experience seems to be pretty good – in the time l’ve spent with the edge 20 fusion – it felt snappy – the 90hz amoled panel here adds to the experience.

Now before we get to the pricing – here are a couple of sundries.. There’s support for 13 5G Bands on this phone, which is a positive – the 30w charger included in the box is supposed to get you from 0-50 in 26 mins and 0-100 in about 80 so that’s sweet too… Motorola edge 20 fusion Review

I hope if they 21k mark then the combination of the can price it around the dimensity 800u chip and that 90hz super amoled panel should make for a good combo,

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