iphone 13 release date, Price , 120Hz ,Specs & TOP Features

iphone 13 release date 14th of September

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 13 series this month and as the release draws near we

have more leaks one new piece of information about the iPhone 13 Promax series has just surfaced and revealed that Apple will not be launching a 256 GB storage variant for the pro max model Apple is notorious for cutting storage variants mid-range just to let users spend extra money to opt for higher version Previously we

have seen Apple offer base storage variant as low as 16 GB followed by 64 GB variant by skipping 32 GB storage variant Hi similarly Apple offers 32 GB base storage variant with iPhone 7 and skip the 64 GB variant and Jump Jump to the 128 GB storage variant,iPhone 13 release date

The same thing happens every year with the rest of the models from Apple now Apple said to offer a 128 GB base storage variant with the iPhone 13 promax and then immediately offer a 512 GB storage variant again a storage variant The most suitable 256 GB will be passed by Apple, this forces users to buy a higher 512 GB storage variant,

although the needs of some users will be fulfilled by the 256 GB storage variant, this is also evidenced by the provision of a six point seven inch visual screen with a 120 Hz screen speed which is equipped with an OLED panel to guarantee a sharper,iphone 13 release date

TOP Features

clearer and attractive display even the resolution on the screen from the Apple iPhone 13 Promax is also claimed to have a resolution capability of 2778 x 1128 pixels to give the impression of visualization that is much more realistic, moving on to another part, it’s time for us to examine In the kitchen sector,

from the specifications of the Apple iPhone 13 promax, in this section, Apple has implemented reliable components that are ready to support the performance of this cellphone,iphone 13 release date

one of which is the Apple A15 Bionic chipset which is ready to be supported by 6 GB of RAM so that it can be ensured that later operational performance and multitasking performance it becomes progressive and responsive, one thing is clear that later the specifications of the Apple iPhone 13 promax will be armed with iOS 15 as Apple’s own operating system.iphone 13 release date

specifications of the Apple iPhone 13 promax are also equipped with space. reliable and reliable storage as media or file storage space where Apple offers three variants of internal memory that are very reliable,

including 128 512 GB and rumors are also available 1 terabyte which is certain to be able to provide guarantees in terms of storage space but only in the storage space sector that is carried The specifications for the Apple iPhone 13 Promax are not yet equipped with an SD card slot.iphone 13 release date

So the storage space is only focused on the internal memory as a premium selection. Of course, the photography sector in the specifications for the Apple iPhone 13 Promax is here to complete the sophistication and pamper its users, now with regard to the photographer.

It is known that Apple itself will use the main camera plywood which is embedded or arranged in a grid where in terms of its own resolution the three main cameras in the Apple iPhone 13 Promax have the main camera resolution of 12 megapixels, telephoto 12 megapixels equipped with OIS and PDAF features and Ultra wide 12 megapixels.

iPhone 13 release date

which is equipped with an LED Flash so that the results of shots through this camera will certainly produce sharper clear photos and seem much more professional,

while on the input side to guarantee selfie photo activities, Apple has also used a 12-megapixel front camera to provide selfie photos that are not perfect.
It will be disappointing to see the reliability or sophistication of the specifications of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro max in the photography sector, so it is certain that users will feel much more satisfied with the connectivity sector on the specifications of the Apple

Also, this topic will also be the subject of discussion. It cannot be left unattended, considering that this sector is closely related to the daily activities of consumers, such as consumer activities when operating in cyberspace,

therefore, to support these activities, Apple has supported it with a 5G internet network which is claimed to be able to encourage the acceleration of internet access.

Meanwhile, to provide convenience In short-range connectivity activities, the Apple iPhone 13 Pro max itself is reported to have been equipped with several functional features, among others,

such as BlueTooth, clear NFC 6play WiFi connections, and USB 2.0 to facilitate access to data transfer between devices, but the 3.5 mm audio jackhole was removed so a Bluetooth headset was needed. as a feature that is used to listen to music based on this,

this premium smartphone made by an American factorywill carry a 4352 Maha fast charging 20watt battery so with the battery sector in the specifications of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro max here of course It is hoped that it will still be able to support the performance of every component embedded in the Smartphone.


Now is the right time to discuss the price of the Apple iPhone 13 pro max which pole as it is known that this Apple-owned cell phone will not be priced at a low price like other flagship phones. considering that if

based on the latest information it is known that the price of the Apple iPhone 13 pro max will be price at around 85,749 if it enters the Indian market, maybe the price will increase to 1,02776, but behind the high price of the Apple iPhone 13 Promax,of course, it is appropriate and commensurate with the specifications and the sophistication that is offered


as information Apple is expected to release the iPhone 3 pro max line in September, analyst Daniel FS said the company might release its new phone iPhone 13 release date

in the 14th of September. 13 pro max How are you interested in waiting for this Smartphone to enter India, phone 13 release date

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