infinix Note 12 Pro Price in India, Full Specs & Launch date

infinix Note 12 Pro

infinix hot 12 infinix Note 12 Series and infinix Zero Fight reportedly in the works this smartphone from infinix is said to be released around early 2022 there are six smartphones that are scheduled to be in the development stage with the infinix smartphone This is the infinix hot 12 infinix hot 12 infinix Note 12,

infinix Note 12 pro and infinix zero five smartphone brands based in Hong Kong, infinix has launched the snot 11 series in the global market accompanied by 11 infinix bringing AMOLED displays in the budget smartphone segment and g88 in the sea 11 but the hot 11 series

also has the same specifications a new report on the site it says infinix hot 12 and note 12 models are in the works and ready for release soon seriously infinix hop 12 also has hold 12 This curl is expected to be launched in early 2022 quoted from the official website of gadget India leaked latest predicts that The infinix Note 12 volt is ready to be introduced in early 2022 globally,

including in Indonesia, the device will suckle the Infinix Note 11pro which has launched in early 2021. This new smartphone is believed to bring attractive specifications at an affordable price. The presence of a new smartphone from the Infinix Note 12 Pro line is getting stronger considering the appearance the specifications have been seen on the Indian gadget site in the specifications circulating we can see that the device carries several innards specification sectors that still carry the chipset from the manufacturer from MediaTek.

They are in the first session in regarding the specifications of the Infinix Note 12 Pro. We will start from the body sector as the outermost part. From this smartphone, because the body sector here has its own charm for potential consumers in its class regarding the physical design itself, we can’t deny that the design brought by the Infinix Note 12 Pro smartphone is quite attractive and modern,

of course. This is a strategy to give an initial impression that is able to captivate the market, meanwhile for the taste itself is still an unknown secret. Until now, but it is possible that this series of smartphones made by Infinix is predicted to carry plastic materials. One thing is clear that with dimensions and the design structure on the specifications of the Infinix Note 12 Pro is claimed to be able to guarantee the attractiveness of the body and is much more contemporary and has a very high appeal,

especially in the mid-range segment moving in other sectors. We will present details of the screen sector on the specifications of the Infinix Note 12 Pro considering the sector this is indeed a vital part of guaranteeing the quality of its visualization related to its sophistication from the visual side of the screen,

it is certain that Infinix does not want to disappoint its users so that there will be some of the latest technological innovations on this part of the screen, such as the screen concept. Yes, what is brought by the Infinix Note 12 Pro, how is the screen size quite wide 6.9 5 inches and is supported by an IPS LCD or Super AMOLED panel,

so it is certain that the visualization is getting sharper and has a clearer impression, while it refers to its own performance, we will The kitchen runway that is carried by the Infinix Note 12 Pro specification is because this sector is claimed to bring several contemporary components to support its performance to make it much more optimal. Among other things, namely the chipset, which infinix Note 12 Pro itself will rely on a chipset made by MediaTek,

namely the dimensity 1200, you need to know this chipset is the latest MediaTek chipset which was just released some time ago so that the balance of operational performance will be much more stable and stable. Not only that, there are also two RAM variants embedded in this Infinix Note 12 Pro smartphone,

namely 6 GB and 8 GB to ensure a more aggressive multitasking access speed and of course CV response and don’t forget the internal memory on this smartphone will also offered with a capacity of 128 GB to 256 GB to guarantee the need for file storage to move more in other sectors, like the photographic sector that is relied on by the Infinix Note 12 specification bro,

will be a topic that we discuss in depth today regardless of the market’s need for mobile camera capabilities. which will be taken into consideration, therefore it cannot be avoided that Infinix will also apply reliable camera technology to ensure that photographic results are more modern and modern, then in order to achieve maximum results, the Infinix Note 12 Pro itself will rely on 3/4 of the rear camera at once where each -each camera has a resolution level The 64/100 8 Megapixel is accompanied by a telescope while we still don’t know the resolution of the two cameras.

Apart from that, the Infinix Note 12 Pro has also brought a 16 megapixel front camera to guarantee that selfie photos are of higher quality and look much better. Hi, we can’t. Doubtless if the shooting line on the specifications of the Infinix Note 12 Pro will be a very reliable sector as well as the main weapon to compete with its competitors,

besides that, you also know that the Infinix Note 12 Pro itself will embed a dual sim card slot to facilitate access to communication between users. There are also other embedded connection features including WiFi 2band, NFC, Bluetooth, USB, Type-C, speaker, DTS, fingerprint technology, and of course, the USB OTG connection, the battery on the Infinix Note 12 Pro specification will also be reviewed in detail and in depth because the battery sector here holds role In addition,

it is also important to note that the Infinix Note 12 volt battery itself will also come with large power capacity support up to 5000mah fast charging between 33 What or 44 What so that it will make its power needs more secure for 24 hours Next, now we will discuss the price of the Infinix Note 12 Pro, however, according to one of the websites on the Indian site who leaked this,

the price of the Infinix Note 12 Pro itself will likely be at 3 million to 4 million if it enters the Indonesian market, the price may be cheaper than the market. India, however, does not rule out the possibility that the price of this Infinix smartphone will be subject to change at any time, perhaps the date of choice so that this video is published before there is information on when this smartphone will be belled globally, but looking at the specifications that have been leaked on the internet, it can be confirmed that maybe it won’t be long before this smartphone

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