BGMI 1.6 Update Best 15 Upcoming Features

BGMI 1.6 Top 15 Features

Today I will inform you about Top 15 upcoming updates of BattleGround Mobile India,

  1. First of all, you have to go to the basic setting. You have to go to the basic setting. The setting has changed completely. Basic setting has been changed.Scope setting has been changed. Pick setting has been changed. Divided into segments, this new setting is made to easily recognize the settings.

2. Now this is the second update. This update will be the best given BGMI, which is called Highlight Movement, this feature has been given because if you do not record your game and if you turn on this setting you will record the game. Once recorded, you can download from this record with this feature,

  1. The number three feature is very good. Time format. There is a new future in BGMI.
  2. BGMI 1.6 You will get a new graphics. You see, the graphics will be creamy. I have given a picture. Take a look. Your idea will be creamy. The graphics are very good. See this update very well.
  3. And the number five update is the nuclear color. You can go to more settings and see. After clicking on the option in the scope of sentence, you will get two color extras there.
  4. A good update has come New damage color This chat is very good You will get a new damage color BGMI 1.6. You can see the red color damage by going to the effect option,
  5. And this chat is very good. A new head short sound has been given to BGMI 1.6. This sound will come only when your opponent is without a helmet. This sound is very real.
  6. The air bed is a very good sou route. When we got off the plane, there was no sign of the plane leaving. What will happen now? The sign of where the plane passed will remain. Where did the plane go,
  7. An update will come to a new person means red people would be green, new people will come alone and the clouds above will not stop moving, this update will come BGMI 1.6,
  8. This is the best update of BGMI 1.6. Lying switch and sitting switch can be marched twice.option available on basic setting.
  9. And this update is very good. The rendering quality that you had means that distant things were shown very vaguely. This problem will be solved because a new option of graphics setting has come up. Will show 2x Option.
bgmi 1.6
bgmi 1.6
  1. The new mode Evu Ground, named Survival Till Down
  2. Metrorail update is back BGMI 1.6.
  3. A new mode is coming Flora menace mode
    This mode is one of the best maps that BGMI 1.6 is coming, you can get this map in the classic map,
  4. More features When you land from a plane, when your feet emit smoke, you have to buy it. You don’t have to buy it anymore.

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