Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score & price, world fastest gaming phone

Asus rog phone 5s pro antutu & price

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  • ROG Phone 5s Pro Chipset Snapdragon 888 plus
  • ROG Phone 5s Pro Antutu score 837,000

Hello everyone, When ASUS ROG Phone 5 was first released, there were a total of three styles,

but in the end, only the ROG Phone 5 and the highest-end ROG Phone 5 Ultimate was launched.  The lack of listing made many people wait for a long time,

the specifications of the three models are too close. A few months later, ASUS announced the launch of an upgraded version of the ROG Phone 5s.

There are two models in the series, ROG Phone 5s, and ROG Phone 5s Pro. The appearance of the ROG Phone 5s is the same as ROG Phone 5. As for ROG Phone 5s Pro,

its appearance is the same as ROG Phone 5 Pro. I also borrowed this new machine that once disappeared and then suddenly upgraded and returned to see its appearance and performance.

First of all, the part of the packaging design of the outer box has no obvious difference from the previous generation. It is a special hexagonal column with the left and right sides.  The

inside of the structure also has the comic style design of the self-made character AKIRA. When it is first turned on, there is also an AR interactive game to experience the box.

The biggest change is that there is an extra sticker on the outside corner. The model of ROG Phone 5s Pro is printed on it and it is equipped this time.  The other parts of the Snapdragon 888+ processor are the same as before,

so if you are interested, you can click the information card to watch the previous video to directly see the appearance of the ROG Phone 5s Pro and ROG Phone.  5 Pro has exactly the same color, only Phantom Black.

The rear of the fuselage is equipped with a colored ROG Vision phantom screen that can be used to display various notifications or customize various exclusive text or image animations.Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score

Just open the Armoury Crate in the phone to do the setting functions and The ROG Vision on the back of the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate is almost just that it turns into color. The

individual who thinks it looks more beautiful. In addition, the ROG Phone 5s Pro is also equipped with two rear touch keys, and the ROG 5 Ultimate is equipped with original fan accessories. Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score

In this case, there will be a total of 8 customizable buttons on the whole machine. Two more groups than ROG 5 and ROG 5s, so that the game control is not limited to the index finger between the screen and the thumb, the middle finger, and even the ring finger if you want.

ROG Phone 5 Pro was the middle model of the three models in the series when it debuted. This time it is coming back with a stronger Snapdragon 888+ processor. The memory has also been upgraded to ROG.  The same 18GB as the Phone 5 Ultimate, coupled with 512GB storage capacity, Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score

counterattacks the top and has become the strongest model in the current ROG Phone series. It can also be said to be the current strongest e-sports phone. Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score

The actual running score ROG Phone 5s Pro is equipped with a fan.  And after turning on the X+ mode, AnTuTu ran a high score of 837,000 points. Even if the fanless is removed and the X mode is turned off, the score is 728,000 points. Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score Price around 65000 rs.

Other software data can refer to the screenshots to see the actual game part here and the previous test ROG.  To compare the results of Phone 5, both models are installed with fans and turned on X+ mode. Among them, Asphalt 9 and Black Desert M can easily run close to full-frame performance in both phones. The average frame number of the 3rd general level is two.Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score & Price

The ROG Phone 5s Pro can reach an average of 80FPS or more. The ROG Phone 5s Pro turned on HDR high-definition image quality + extreme frame rate and ultra-high image quality + ultra-high frame rate in PUBG M. The setting results also smoothly handed over an average of close to 60.

Frames and an average performance close to 40 frames. Ninokuni turns on the highest image quality. The overall performance is also very easy to reach an average of 49.9 frames. Then the original gods.Asus Rog phone 5s Pro Antutu Score

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